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  1. Thank-you so much for advice. This has opened my eyes a bit and i will send request for CCA off monday
  2. hello Thank-you so much for replies so far yes it was a Tesco loan. I will let ccs know monday and hopefully they will forward on my normal monthly payment to intrum justitia. I was just worried as if i do not call them could they them send someone round to where i live ? Also any advice on how to get myself out of debt quicker as its going to take my years & years and is really stressing me out as every time i think it cant get worse it does.Any ideas on if bankrupcy is a good idea ?
  3. Hello I would be every so grateful of some advice please on dealing with intrum justita and my debt I have a very large outstanding debt. it was with tesco an now they have recently transfered it to intrum justita (letter arrived today). I have been paying tesco via cccs (consumer credit counseling assoc) for past 4 years never missing a payment . I now feel i am at end of road as my debt is still such a long way off being paid and now i have got this agency on my back and i have received a letter saying they have taken over debt and to call them asap. I am thinking of calling monday and asking for a copy of my CCA. Is this the best thing to ask for first as ive heard they are going to be scary on the phone and i had alot of that with tesco at first and am dreading it. Basically i would like advice on what is the best thing to say to them to get them off my back if poss. I am also considering going bankrupt but am worried about the impact on having my car & posessions taken. My loan with tesco was unsecured and is over 20k. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thank-you
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