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  1. Hi Im so sorry to tag onto the end of this forum but I do not know where to write. I have a credit report issue. I swapped mobile phones and missed a final payment which is now cleared but has hurt my credit report and a subseuquent mortgage application. Could you possibly redirect me to the right forum? Thanks in advance and apologies again Seachan1
  2. Thank you so much for the replies. I appreciate your time. Minefield.
  3. Hi Can someone help me. Because I gave out the wrong account number to a supplier a payment pf £850 was transferred into the wrong account. The people who were paying me tried to get the payment reversed by Santander who have responded that they have tried to get in touch with the recipient but can't. They now say there is nothing more they can do. Does anyone have any experience or understanding of what I can do next? Any help gratefully received Thanks
  4. Hey postggj Thanks. We are not homeowners which is probably why we have gone so long without court action. But thanks for the advice Seachan
  5. I have several old, pre 2005, unresolved cc debts. All have been the subject of cca requests and numerous responses. However, I moved house recently and am about to move again. Pretty soon my trail will go cold and they won't be able to find me for a while. But can they issue court proceedings in the meantime and I know nothing about it? Some thoughts from seasoned experts would be helpful. Best
  6. Hi All Thanks for your replies. What is my next move with this then?
  7. Has this recent this court decision changed anything?
  8. cabot 1 picture by seachan1 - Photobucket
  9. Hi all I have an old account with Morgan Stanley which I have asked for advice on this forum before. I have sent for a CCA and had letters from Cabot saying they have ben unable to find them. However, today, I received a huge package with an old agreement and all my statements in photocopy dating back to 2002. I have seen the agreement before but not the statements. I have been advised that it does not have the correct clauses etc on it. Can somebody advise me if the position has changed at all recently despite the award in the High Court recently going against the borrower Thanks Se
  10. We're dealing with the original creditor, who according to their letter, have not sold the debt on. But presumably, they will and the whole cycle will start again. However, what's interesting is that they used two DCA's to chase it down including the viciously unpleasant AIC based in Glasgow. Thanks for your help. We appreciate it. Seachan
  11. Great, thanks for that. Have you any experience with responses to this kind of letter post cca? I would be interested to know how banks and credit companies are reacting to this style of legality. Best wishes Seachan
  12. Hi cerberuseralert Thanks for your quick response. I felt that the application had nothing on it and the separate terms and conditions were not dated or signed. What is the response to them now? Best Seachan
  13. Hi all I am doing some research for my other half and have had a response from Natwest who have sent an application/ agreement form from 2002. They have also sent a separate terms and conditions which is undated and unsigned. I have uploaded all that they sent into the following link. Could someone check t out and let me know what you think? Pictures by seachan1 - Photobucket Thanks Seachan1
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