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  1. They have fully refunded me now along with £50 compensation for their CS not doing what they should have done (i.e. not submitted the cancel request to cancel that they have claimed to have cancelled insurance before I requested them, along with complaint that they claimed to have raised). Never cancelled any insurance before, mainly reason prompted to cancel is the way they have written their policy, which consequently lead me to contact their CS, which meant cancelling irrespective of what happens. There seems to be an issue with their CS, - their CS even gave me a non-existent email address, told me that there is a button to download the chat once ended that did not exist, hanged up once, in correct policy fee page, £30 vs £50 non refundable admin charge and so on. If you are having issues now, what happens when you really need them (hopefully never)? Now, comparing with my current provider (quotemehappy - renewed policy again, slightly dearer but better feature), it seems they also charge if the policy have started. But they don't charge, if it has not started. They don't separate admin cost vs insurance cost, in fact, never seen this before Your cancellation rights You have a statutory right to cancel your policy within 14 days from the day of purchase or renewal of the contract, or the day on which you receive your policy or renewal email information, whichever is the later. If you want to cancel, and the insurance cover hasn’t started yet, you will be entitled to a full refund of the premium paid. Or, if you wish to cancel and the insurance cover has already started, you will be entitled to a refund of the premium paid, less a proportionate deduction for the time which you have been covered. There will also be an additional charge as shown in your schedule of £25.00 if you cancel within the first 14 days (plus Insurance Premium Tax, where applicable) to cover the administrative cost of providing the policy. The cancellation fee may be reduced to ensure the total amount you pay in the period does not exceed your annual premium. Here are the current full 1st Central charges for in case someone decide to go ahead with them: Arrangement fees For setting up your policy £50 To renew your policy £50 Cancellation fees Cancelling your policy before it starts, or within 14 days of its start date £0 After 14 days of the policy start date £50 If we have to cancel your policy – see ‘Cancelling this policy’ for more information £75 Fees for making a change If we have to make a change because you gave us incorrect information £50 If you make a change on the phone or web chat £30 If you make a change online through Your Account £25 Payment fees Missed instalment payments £15 General All the information that you provide must be true and complete. The Intermediary Contract is a yearly contract, which will automatically renew at the end of each year. Nothing in this contract will create any rights to anyone else under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 and no change to this contract, nor any extra agreement, will create these rights unless stated in this contract. This does not affect any right or remedy of someone else that they may have aside from this act. Cancellation If you cancel the Intermediary Contract, your Insurance Contract and all other operative sections of the policy as detailed within your schedule of insurance will also be cancelled automatically at the same time. However, the Intermediary Contract may continue to run after the termination of Insurance Contract until it is expired or cancelled. You have a 14-day period to change your mind which runs from the start of your policy. If you choose to cancel the policy within the 14 days, you will not receive a refund of the set-up fee due under the Intermediary Contract, however there will be no cancellation fee charged. If you fail to keep any conditions or you fail to pay any instalments when due, this contract may be cancelled
  2. unclebulgaria67, well, the drama continued A 'nice' lady from their complaint department called, and apparently she was the one who processed my full refund after my email, although stated that I was given the option at the time of order! I suppose, something to learn from this experience i.e. not to click things assuming all companies are the same. Never had these issue before though and have used comparison website many times. She also offered £50 compensation as support rep not communicating properly and not following their process entirely i.e. should have submitted the complain, refund, etc, which I accepted (to be seen if they do payout though) She was nice lady, no qualm about her, shame their support rep was not. Having said this, I mentioned that this is not a good business practice, which she says will review and will speak to support rep as well to improve. Whatever the case, I would not want to deal with such company, after chatting with the first rep, I decided to cancel irrespective of the consequences tbh. Their policy are vague and designed to catch people out. But at the same time, the lady from their complains was very pleasant and professional.
  3. I have received an email earlier saying contrary to above (who knows whether they will pay or not) - so what have they been playing with me so far - in any case, the hassle so far for nothing? Do they have any legal standing of retaining this amount if cancelled before start date or 14 day cooling period - the policy states as below: Cancellation If you cancel the Intermediary Contract, your Insurance Contract and all other operative sections of the policy as detailed within your schedule of insurance will also be cancelled automatically at the same time. However, the Intermediary Contract may continue to run after the termination of Insurance Contract until it is expired or cancelled. You have a 14-day period to change your mind which runs from the start of your policy. If you choose to cancel the policy within the 14 days, you will not receive a refund of the set-up fee due under the Intermediary Contract, however there will be no cancellation fee charged. You have been warned ---------- Your car insurance policy has been cancelled, we're sorry to see you go. Your cover ended on the 15th December 2021 at 00:01. We also have to let you know that it is an offence under the Road Traffic Act to drive a car, or to allow others to drive your car, on the road or any other public place or to keep your car (unless a SORN has been provided to DVLA) without valid insurance being in place. The amount to be refunded is £196.27. Your refund is on its way and will be with you within the next 10 days. If we can't refund the money to the account or card we hold on record, we'll send a cheque in the account holder's name to you in the post instead (this might take a little longer). We've included a breakdown of this amount and have laid this out for you below: The total cost of your policy: Cost for 0 days of cover £0.00 Arrangement fee £0.00 Total £0.00 The amount you've already paid to us: Annual payment £196.27 Total £196.27 Total refund £196.27 Thanks for insuring with 1ST CENTRAL. We regularly update our products and prices so please look us up in the future to see if we're able to help you with your car insurance needs. Kind regards, 1ST CENTRAL
  4. For others who are thinking of using this company, I am documenting this so at least they can make informed decision: 13/12/2021 - Purchased the insurance via confused.com 13/12/2021 - No confirmation of how much I paid via email, etc, after few minutes, saw documents on my account, so wanted to know whether they are charging me £50 on top of what I paid. The lady was vague but said the the so-called setting up fee is non-refundable. I requested she send the transcript of the conversation, which she said is not possible, but can be downloaded after chat ends, which was not the case! I copied and screenshot the chat in any case. 13/12/2021 - Emailed them to confirm, no response, only to be asked next day where I got the email from (its all over their document) 14/12/2021 – Emailed below to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected], which summarizes my conversation: Hello, Further to my email yesterday after speaking via chat,I spoke to ‘Phelo’ earlier (14/12/2021), who claimed that pg. 43 states (which has nothing to do with fee, its pg 42) that a £30 fee applies for ‘before it starts, or within 14 days of its start date’, and after speaking to her manager ‘Megan’, who confirmed its actually £50 as per pg. 42 and the policy has been cancelled now, and I will only get refund of £146.27 (less so called £50). Megan also raised a complaint on behalf of me as she does not have their email address. I have not had any confirmation of cancellation email or complaint acknowledgment email yet as advised. Please treat this email as a firm decision for my car insurance with you to be cancelled. There was no such information when I have ordered via confused.com - I feel this is not only against my statuary right but also against your policy wordings: Cancellation fees Cancelling your policy before it starts, or within 14 days of its start date £0 Please confirm and arrange full refund of £196.27. In the event you are not refunding fully, please advise your reasoning, so that I can escalate the matter. Many Thanks Megain also gave me this email [email protected], which does not work
  5. Purchased car insurance from 1st CENTRAL on 13/12/2021 via confused . com. upon checking wording of schedule, thought they were adding £50 on top of what I have paid. Lady via webchat couldn’t confirm (playing with words), but said if I were to cancel before policy starts or during 14 days cooling period, they will not refund me £50 their so called setting up fees. She claimed I will be able to downloaded the conversation once ended, which was not the case as well. Emailed them to confirm this, and no respond. Called this morning (14/12/2021, before the insurance start date 15/11/2021), cutting the poor customer services and contradiction between the two of them, in effect the first rep and her manager said the same. They will not refund the £50 setting up fee i.e., will deduct £50 from total payment. Her manager claimed that the first rep cancelled the insurance now although no confirmation yet. I have also got no confirmation of complaint that she supposedly raised. She also gave me a non-existent email address as she is not aware of published emails. I have followed up with an email to say that they refund me fully including so the so- called £50 setting up fee and take my email as a firm request to cancel in case they did not (can’t trust them tbh - My advise to anyone thinking of using them is to AVOID!). There was no such information WHEN I have ordered via confused . com - I feel this is not only against my statuary right or simply unethically. Policy Wordings attached. Has anyone had such issues with any company before? What legal rights do I stand on here? Paid via credit card, so will see if I can go through them as well. Any advice would be much appreciated. PolicyWording_v3.3.pdf
  6. Conniff, Point taken, however, the experience has been good so can’t complain, especially when this year has been a bad luck to me! I have purchased few items from Currys\Dixons in past and this is the first time something went wrong. And when it went wrong, they did a good job! Of course, it does not mean it will be the same again. So consciously purchased a decent branded TV (Panasonic, not LG) and from a retailer who offers 5 years warranty as a standard (JL). Who wants the hassle? Funny enough JL priced matched the TX-L32E6B with Currys with a similar spec TV (I think)! Having said this, I was prepared to recoup my loss through Barclay Card first (under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974), who was also helpful. They contributed to the cost of engineer's report as a goodwill gesture and sent me the paper work to start the process. I was also considering other options if above failed (complaint about credit card company & then small claim court route)… Thankfully, didn’t have to go through them
  7. Hi, Initially sent to: customer.services @ currys.co.uk cc customer.services @ dixonsretail.com However, they seem to use this address: customer.service @ knowhow.com Thanks, MAR
  8. “LG Life’s not so Good” TV developed fault just after 2 years.........! Sent an email to Currys and got a response: ‘As a company, we do understand our obligation to provide a remedy for products that fault following the expiry of the guarantee in certain situations. I do appreciate that manufacturing defects may not manifest themselves until after the initial warranty period has expired… Alternatively, you are able to obtain an independent engineer to inspect your television, you can send us the engineers report. The report should outline the diagnoses of fault/s that has occurred, the cost of repair, also if the television is not repairable then the report should state this also….” Sent independent engineer’s report and they called to organize collection to repair the TV, which they did within 7 days. Also will refund my £30 for the engineer's report. Well done Currys and the KNOWHOW team. P.S. Background: avforums.com/forums/lcd-led-lcd-tvs/1802165-lg-tv-no-picture-sound-hdmi-usb-lan-don-t-work-distorted-freeview.html
  9. Hi, I am new, and never dealt with this sort of issues, and would appreciate if you could help. I have received a letter out of nowhere on 22/01/2009 dated 16/01/2009 stating that Lloyd TSB has “...a request from a third party asking us to change the address of account(s)...” with “Changes to Customer Address” form enclosed. I do not have an account with Lloyd TSB group and naturally was very concerned as it could be a fraud or date protection issue or even a [problem]. After few calls to Lloyd TSB Customer Service and Collection Centre (whose best advice was to ignore the letter), I was forced to visit your Charing Cross Branch. The branch could not find my details on the system, and therefore called the Collection Centre, and “0800 121 4087” and established it was sent in, what Lloyd TSB describes, an ERROR. The Personal Banker took the initiative and confirmed this in writing as Collection Centre person refused to do so. I thought that was the end. But when I returned from work I opened a letter dated 20/01/2009 from Sechiari Clark & Mitchell who has been “... instructed by Lloyds TSB Bank plc...” who advised them that “...despite several reminders ...account remains out of order...”. This is contrary to the fact that up until now, I have only received two letters in space of two days, one to request the change of address, which I have never sent, and of course, the letter from the solicitor. Contrary to the first letter, this had an ‘Cheque Account Number” and therefore, immediately called 0845 600 6294 to establish whether there was a link between my address and the account. Aron refused to discuss about the account due to data protection, and advised me to call the Customer Service, who in turn advised me to go the branch. First thing on morning of 24/01/2009, I visited Lloyd TSB Bethnal Green Branch, and after some persuasion, SK, the manager, decided to investigate. He retrieved account details, and established the followings from thier system: (1) Account was created in 2007 (2) first name, last name and date of birth is similar to mine but (3) the middle name , address and telephone numbers are different. There was no reference on the system to my address. He called the Account Holder, who confirmed that it is his account, unaware of letters being sent to him and has requested to change the address to somewhere else. SK advised the Account Holder to call the Collection Centre to pay his debt. He then called the Collection Centre and spoke to Danny who as usual was unsure but it seems that the Collection Centre database has my address on the system. Danny realising the inconsistency between two systems has put the account on a ‘tracer’. Mr SK has confirmed this in hand writing, and took my full details including my first, middle, and last name, mobile number, home number, full address, date of birth and will get back to me once he has reported to the Fraud Team on 25/01/2009. I would like to write a letter hoping to establish whether it is a fraud or an error. In either case, I never signed anything so I want to find out how Lloyd TSB managed the whole process from account creation to change of address to me receiving the letter (i.e was it accordance with the law). If it is an error, where did they get my address? I did not send the change of address letter so why have they passed this to a solicitor? There are too many inconsistencies, etc. I also think they are making me chase them for their mistake or incompetence. It is harassment and wants to get compensation for all this. It is costing me telephone calls, time, anxiety.... Please Help, Thanks, Mar
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