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  1. Dear Slick, As a site team member can I just ask why my post has only got 2 replies whereas others seem to get 100's. Am I doing something wrong? I do have the letter which normally I would offer to scan (less personal info) but yesterday I fell off my pushbike (dangerously invisible kerb in cycle lane in Reading) and am not moving well at moment. Will try to do tomorrow if old bones less painful. Original debt was @£2k. Settlement figure was @£50. I have the paying in book receipt as well as letter. As per DX's suggestion I was going to send copies to CQ wit
  2. Hi, Hope this is the right way of doing this. I have read the notes .... but. Some time ago I got behind with payments to Barclays PF. Instead of contracted payment I agreed to pay them a reduced payment which I did. Then late 2009 I got a letter offering me a "Discounted" settlement. The discounted rate was stated as @ the equivalent of two months of the agreed reduced payment (or @ 1% of the outstanding balance). Later when they realised that I was no longer making my "agreed payment" they bombarded me with phone calls. I just used to tell them that I had
  3. Thanks ellisnan, Have just done letter and AND OFF TO POST OFFICE. Its spookily quiet today (as in the phone - this monday morning has not rung once). Where are all the DCA's today? Maybe they all called in with stress related sickies. Rgs OSB
  4. As a "Newbie" I was disapointed that no one has responded to this post-my first proper one. Guidance appreciated - even if its to tell me not to write such long ones or not to post them in the early hours of morning! Rgs OSB:-)
  5. Hi, I received a letter from Bryan Carter ref an egg cc debt. The last para reads: "If you dispute liability for this debt please state your reasons in writing and supply us with documents in support of your defence to any claim. If you fail to notify us of any potential dispute prior to issue of proceedings and you subsequently file a defence to any claim we reserve the right to show this letter to the District Judge or Sherriff. To prevent futher action being taken......contact Frerickson within 7 days.........." Do I ignore it? Predating this I have made (via funds
  6. New to Forums - First proper post so please be gentle with me I have read guidance notes and many (great) posts advice/templates as directed by joining instructions so hopefully wont be asking stuff that has already been covered. A bit of background - you could call it my introduction to Caggers. @a year ago, when times for us self employed people were good (pre Bank/Brown meltdown), and on the advice of my accountant I obtained a Mac product via BPF. In April HSB C following a "strategic review" first asked for return of Overdraft facility "on demand" and subsequently withdrew
  7. I would also suggest that you claim money back from Post Office. I sent something a few years ago that was Special Delivery Signed For. The postman who delivered it did not get it signed for despite me writing on the Envelope "Do not deliver unless sig. obtained". I photocopied envelope just in case.... On checking PO website I noted that it had been delivered but there was no record of a sig. On complaining to the Post Office and requesting a copy of the sig., which nevr arrived they sent me a Postal Order for the difference in cost between 1st class post and their Special Delivery servi
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