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  1. well i have no intention of giving them a penny and im not scared of them as i know they have no order agaisnt me and they are lying, im just wodnering othr then sending the no knowledge letter is there some way i can report them for lying and get them done?
  2. anymore advise on this, should i send the no knowledge prove yourself template letter or contact the police, will the police really care?
  3. i got no intention in ringing them, from what i can see they have committed an act of fraud and with your help would like to teach them a lesson....
  4. ok so where do i go from here as from what you have said so far it seems like i have a good chance to hit this company here it hurts for all of CAG and i know from a bit of research before i posted that CAG hates this company
  5. i already have access to my credit report from Experian via Credit Expert and there is no default on there relating to this and no judgements agaisn't me.
  6. it is paypal as in ebay and i don't understand what they have to do with each other either. Nintendo Pu i wouldnt even know where to start with what you have said because i don't even know what Magistrates Court and im guessing it's to do with PayPal as the sum is the same Lowell were asking for and its got Lowell on the letter... However i haven't heard from Lowell about it in 6 months so have no letters to build any case. This letter through the door was completely random and i have no knowldge of the paypal debt anyway, i don't owe paypal a penny and haven't used them in over 2 ye
  7. Hi everyone, I've just had this letter hand delivered through my door by them, they didnt actually knock but just popped it through the letter box (so much for we came to discuss). I'm just about to write them a template letter saying i have no knowledge of this debt but just before i do i wondered if its actually something to be worried about as it says magistrates court in the corner... Now Lowell the **** have been sending me letters for this £30 odd for about the last 2-3 years, they says its for a paypal debt that i have no knowledge of, its not on my credit file and i've never
  8. thanks for replying steven and pulu31, its good to know the interest is correct and im not being taken advantage of, your help is very much appreciated. Does anyone know if the interest should have changed by me making larger payments for the first 6 months? Does anyone know what i do if they cant ever provide me with my matching terms and conditions that go with that agreemnt?
  9. Hi Pulu, i know you said that was your last post but im hoping you can enlightening me a bit more just one more time, or someone else hopefully. i just had a long chat with them on the phone. They said the interest is calculated from the beginning and they only way to pay a reduced rate of interest is to request a settlement figure. They said even if at the end of the advance date i only had 100 left to pay on the price of the goods they would still add 1331.56 interest as the interest is calculated out right and never goes downs even if you make larger payments. I have re
  10. sorry if i havent been clear enough with you, i am at work so get very limited time to post on here, but tomorrow i will go the figures as best i can using your formulate (please remember maths isnt my strong subject)... The person on the phone yesterday told me it is worked out on a monthly basis, but i will call them again after work and confirm. thanks, mark
  11. so what does making a larger payment do? i didnt mean alter the interest, i meant it would alter the total amount of interest payble in the long because they calculate the interest on assumptions ill owe certian amounts through out right? so if after i owed 1583.69 at the end of the deferred peroid which they apply a nominal rate to each month minus 53.72 then if i paid 150 instead, it would be nominal rate minus 150... which in turns affects the total amount of interest i'd pay in the long run? does that make any more sense pulu31? i guess im basically asking, if i made la
  12. did you know how much the total interest would of gone down by i mean? if im understanding your maths right then i need to take the deferred sum of 1583.69, and for each month i made a payment of 150, take it from that sum then apply the nominal interest rate you calculated for the left over balance of that month, and keep doing that up to my last payment i made in july? and that will give me how really was left to pay by the end of july 2008? have i worked that out right?
  13. i dnt suppose you can work out what the interest should of been if i had paid 1247 up to the peroid of july 2008, a rough bull park figure so i got some figures to throw at them.
  14. i have attached my agreement earlier, can you see anything in the agreement? they do no have the original terms and conditions that go with the agreement so are not able to provide them? all they have is the credit agreement itself and a list of all the payments i had made, they have also said previously when i was kicking up a fuss that im allowed to make larger payments to pay it off faster... so where do i stand in that situation? Thanks again.
  15. thanks again for your help pulu, do you know where i stand with them not applying the 150 pound payments to my account straight away but instead putting them towards making 53.72 payments? obviously if i pay 150 then it should be taken of the account straight away right, which would affect the year rate of interest and bring the interest down as im making larger payments than the set 53.72? or is that totally wrong and they are in the right using the 1247 i paid to make payments of 53.72? please any advice really would be appreciated because im going to call them shortly an
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