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  1. Hi all, Way back in 2006 I took out car finance with welcome finance. As many people have on here, my circumstances changed financially and I couldn't afford to keep up payments. The car was repossessed in 2008 and obviously I defaulted on the loan. Apart from the odd letter here or there, I haven't had much correspondence from any debt collectors about this debt and the default dropped off my credit file a year or two back. Out of the blue, I started getting letters from Robinson way demanding payment of nearly £8500. (The original loan was only £6000... of which
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply. So are you saying that if the interest is frozen then that counts as a default? Is that the same as with a DMP?
  3. Hi I have credit card debts coming out my ears and although payments are all up to date with no missed payments, the actual balances themselves are getting higher and costing me more as I just can't make ends meet each month without them. I'm worried that eventually it will just all crack and I will end up defaulting and getting into a huge spiral of worry. I'm paying nearly £1000 a month in total in repayments (minimum payments), but because of the interest it barely touches the balances. Then of course I end up using them just to pay for things like food shopping
  4. Thanks for that dx. Appreciated. I phone today but was told what I expected. That to cancel the agreement it would be the ful £3157 as that was what the loan was for. Is there some sort of legislation that I can quote (you mentioned it was the law) Thanks in advance.
  5. agreed. However, reading the paperwork it states although I only receive £3000. The actual loan was for £3157. The £157 is added as a admin fee. If I go online it states to cancel the loan then I need to repay £3157. Despite the fact I only received £3000 and have had that money for only a matter of hours.
  6. Hi, all I applied for a loan with avant credit as the app 'clearscore' said I had been pre approved with a rate that wasn't too bad. I was in need of a loan anyway so I went for it. To cut a long story short it wasn't until after I had done the online application that I noticed the APR was at 42.2%! Ridiculous so I investigated how to cancel. On their website it only gives the option of emailing them to cancel (without any penalties as long as it's done before the acceptance email). So I sent the email. This morning I wake up to the fact that the loan is in my bank
  7. The delivery charge of £24.95 was added to the grand total in 'my basket' before checkout.
  8. So does that mean that it cannot/should not go onto a credit reference file?
  9. Hi, Thanks for the replies. No, I didn't pay the full delivery cost on the first statement. This was because I was unaware there was a delivery charge added. When I phoned to pay I was told I had to pay £18 ish for delivery.. which I paid. It was only on the second statement that I realised that I had been misinformed on the 1st call and despite the £18 payment, the total delivery charge was in fact £25. And because I had made the payment late then this was recorded on the credit file. I'm really annoyed with them. I don't understand how the delivery cost is
  10. Hi, Apologies if this is not in the correct place.. I opened a very account last year and ordered a product on their buy now pay 12 months later option. All seemed good and the item I ordered got delivered. I was surprised to see that the first statement I got it had a minimum payment due. (Bearing in mind it was bnpl - 12 months) I called very and was told it was the delivery charge as this was due immediately (which I was not aware of) I asked how much I had to pay and they told me.. I paid. Next months statement arrived and again it had a minimum payment du
  11. Which is an option he would like to take.. . how would he go about this? Is there any mileage with seeing if arrow global have the correct paperwork? CCA agreement etc? Or is that too late now it has gone down the CCJ route?
  12. Hi, Thanks for the reply. He was unaware that this process was happening, however this does not mean he didn't get the paperwork as he told me he rarely opens them. So it could be that it was sent and never opened. He has lived at the same address for well over 10 years.
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