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  1. Mrs Echodale is being harranged by Cabot over HSBC credit card debt . HSBC agreed that if she made sixty payments of £xx then she could save £1800 and would not need to make any more payments after July 2018. She has honoured the agreement and made last payment as agreed. Cabot apparently bought the debt a few years ago and are chasing the £1800, they say they have contacted HSBC and have been advised that no such arrangement exists. We have the original Metropolitan/HSBC letter from 2013 and even though the onus is upon Cabot to 'prove it' we have sent them a copy.
  2. I am a NOMINET registrar, a dot UK domain name can be revoked after renewal (even if the domain is set to auto renew). If a customer does not pay for renewal then we simply do not renew, it costs the registrar nothing so not sure what they would claim in court, I suppose it could be argued an admin fee for revoking an auto renewal but everything else is automated.
  3. I had exactly the same issue with Lloyds, could not pay the arrangement because the pay in book had run out. I had requested a new one several months before and again when I only had one slip left. I got a letter from Lloyds saying as we could not agree an arrangement they were passing to DCA and then I got the DCA threatograms. I wrote to Lloyds complaints dept who made sure I got a new paying in book and sent me a cheque for £150 as an apology for their lack of good service. They also 'took the debt back' in house and called off the DCA.
  4. Judgement Order Listings is part of OneCall group, their domain name registration confirms this, the registrant address and nameservers are One Call Building, First Point Doncaster South Yorkshire DN4 5JQ Name servers: ns1.onecallgroup.net ns2.onecallgroup.net see http://www.nominet.org.uk/whois/lookup?query=judgementorderlistings.co.uk
  5. In my mind picking up take away meals to deliver to clients homes is a genuine business loading activity, loading a single bar of chocolate is not but that is just my opinion.
  6. I've done some finding and nope I don't think I'm wrong. Let us disregard whether it should say only or whether it is approved in terms of traffic legislation and instead let us consider in terms of the English/Welsh language and the meaning of the blue sign. The blue sign means if you are a taxi, cycle or bus you may proceed, the text means if you are loading you may proceed. When you get to the loading bay however if it is before 1830 you cannot actually use the bays. So to consider it if it is OK to proceed into the zone then you just need to be able to answer yes to one of these:
  7. I agree but reading the thread it does not say anything about parking - she, or more likely someone else, is loading take away food from her partners business into her 4x4, she does not even leave the car or stop the engine so not sure how anyone could deem that as parking and as she is with her vehicle I do not know how a PCN would be issued as a PCN has to be affixed to the windscreen, she is unlikely to sit in the car and watch that happen.
  8. Good point but even without the word only and the necessary approval it does say except for loading and she is passing the sign to do some loading so she has complied, then when she gets to the bay it says only goods vehicles up to 18:30 again she complies, so even if the signage was proved to be legal she has done nothing wrong.
  9. The sign on the entry to the road says bus, taxi, cycle only except for loading, she passes the sign for loading purposes so has not committed no moving traffic offence. She said she is stopping there after the end of the goods vehicle only restriction period. So she has not permitted a parking offence either. The bus driver is not a traffic enforcement officer nor a parking enforcement officer, I would have been inclined to thank him very much for the information he has provided and tell him I will verify his opinion with the relevant authority. The best thing to do is write to th
  10. but it is better to guarantee avoiding an order for sale by getting the judge to make the condition of no further enforcement if payments maintained.
  11. You should attend final charging order hearing, you can then state your case that you want to pay or continue paying by monthly instalments and ask the judge to set a condition on the judgement that no further enforcement action can be taken if you maintain payments. If you don't do this then the credit will get the CO then go for a forthwith decision swiftly followed by an order for sale.
  12. Huh not sure why CitizenB thinks it's not Ruuds own thread or that it is done and dusted. The claimant has asked the courts for another bite of the cherry and all the background is in the thread. Can siteteam just change the title?
  13. Got a cheque for £30 to cover bank costs. All is sorted now but it has been a tough month financially. Just remember folks avoid paying insurance on a debit card, use direct debit.
  14. Just looked at on line banking and the monies went in today, Hastings said they set the transaction on Friday so that's 3 business days to land using Halifax bank. We can now buy some food this month. Thanks customer service for sorting this out, just wish it had not happened in first place. Will let you know if and when the cheque for compensating bank charges ever arrives.
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