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  1. I guess i just want to try and pull out everything that have and dont have on me. If this does go to court i don't want anything i don't know about being produced. I guess i just dont feel its really an open and shut case..... Do you think i should just sit tight and see what they do then? (do't worry i won't hold you to it!) I will post up the letter they sent tomorrow which should give you more of an insight to their angle, basically they are saying they complied with the CCA request which i guess to a point they have?
  2. Thanks for looking at it hungrybear! Yes i know that this is all subject to a court ruling from other threads i had read so it could in that respect still be enforceable, however its good to know i hadn't got the wrong end of the stick and misunderstood. I know the cooling off period isnt a deal breaker but that was just one of things that my pea sized brain could remember from the other bits i had read! (sad i know). I guess then that my next step would be to SAR egg??? I scanned the letter in that cabot sent today but haven't managed to upload it yet so will do so asap! Thanks again hungry bear for looking
  3. Gosh there are a number of reasons, i need to find the CAG user who had a CCA returned to her that was almost identical to mine - once i track that down i will provide a link. Militant consumer also has a thread going on the same thing also querying the same thing. Am just comparing them and putting two and two together hopefully i will have got four and not 6 if you see what i mean. One of the things though is not all the prescribed terms and also no cooling off period mentioned, there are lots of other things too but i can't remember them off the top of my head.
  4. Mrmarmite hello again how the devil are you? Thankyou for helping again on this and your great advice. I suspect 1st Credit will send out a letter at some point, at this point i can send them on the letter posted above
  5. Your post really need make me smile Hungrybear! Alas i have already requested the CCA and despite it take several months it did arrive. What i am now disputing is that it isn't properly executed, however i only guessed at this based on another CAG members post - no one has yet looked over it though to confirm either way or advise me so i have kind of been winging it! That is why i really do need help now. If you clink on the link in this post it will take you through to my original post which shows you the doc they sent through. Still patiently waiting for some helpful cag member to tell me if i am right in suspectingit is unenforceable and also what i need to do now. Unicorn.....very funny though xx
  6. Hello all i have had this going on for quite some time now, it has been moved to PPI but i also think it should be in this section as i am being hounded by a DCA for a contract that i don't think is executed properly. THe link for more info is here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payment-protection-insurance-ppi/224542-egg-cabot-cca-docs.html I just last week received a letter from cabot saying that although i think that they still have every right to hound for the debt as they are very much the owners of it now and that even if i think the contract isn't properly executed all this means is that it is unenforceable through courts but that that would be for a judge to decide. I am however still liable for the debt and they are still obligated to chase me for it. I will load up the full letter tomorrow once i get to a scanner. Now i really do need help on this as so far i have have no advice and no one has looked over the contract to tell me whether it is infact unenforceable. Please please please can someone advise me on this? What should i do next
  7. OK guys. VAnquis are still sending statements with charges added each time even though my account is in dispute. Despite me sending a non compliance letter they say that they have complied blah blah blah - for a while i got a couple of calls and letters from impact to which i wrote to let them know that the account was in dispute. I came home today with a message left on my answer machine, i googled the number only to find that it was first credit. I know i shouldn't have phoned but as this was a new dca i couldn't help it, i was curious to see who had sold on a debt without letting me know. Needless to say it was vanquis. I told First Credit that the account was very mcuh in dispute and as far as i was aware was still with vanquis as they had yet to satisfy my requests, i also said that i had no notification that they were handing over to anyone else. They tried to push for more information and i just said that as far as i was concerned the only people i should be talking too was vanquis. They said they would update the files and then we said goodbye. So........what do i do now? I thought that if a debt was going to be sold on to a dca that vanquis or any creditor were under obligation to tell you this....... what is my next move here.
  8. I am just subbing on this. I have a very similar doc sent over in response to my CCA request ( simialr to that right at the beginning of your posting). I am curerntly dealing with Cabot and i have already sent a letter back to them saying that, more or less, it does not fully answer my CCA request etc. Needless to say they are still chasing for the debt! I haven't replied to them again as am not sure really what to do next. This makes for very interesting reading.
  9. Hi Guys i dont know much about this or the leaglaities as am fairly new however i do know that they are bullies and will try and get to pay by pressuring you. I would never go in and see them neither would i speak to them on the phone. If they are starting to be rude and pushy then get them to put everything in writing and do not take their calls. There are letter templates in here. I havent read all the thread so sorry if you knew all this already. Have you sent them a CCA request or SAR'd them?
  10. Is any one able to help on this. Left it for a while in hope of some response but its still very quiet out there
  11. Yes i do remember the pm you sent me, i will look back through it.......I will work on the spreadsheet over the next day or so, i am pretty sure that the statement sheets they have included do not show all the charges though, there aren't enough of them, also they defo do not list all the calls they made to me, weird that they have only included selected info. So do you still think it is undisclosed commission involved, when i saw the letter that was also in the package they sent for the same amount i assumed that it was just a doc confirming pay out to me.....thats really what made me go back to you and question it. Yes the phonecalls do appeared to have stopped which is strange, mind you that said i have a lot of missed calls in the day where companies do not leave messages. thanks for getting back on this for me
  12. Hmn Global took over a year or so back and i really can't remember if anything was sent registered post. I am pretty sure though that welcome didnt write to tell me that the account was transfered. I remember being quite surprised that it had changed to globals hands as as far as i was aware i was waiting for Welcome to send me the latest statment. Sorry that most probably doesn't help much does it.
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