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  1. Hi Hopefully someone can advise me. I booked a holiday with virign holidays direct with the company (via phone), Have paid over half the holiday, then yesterday by chance whilst reading reviews on trip advisor I find out that there is going to be extensive refurbishment at the hotel we are going too starting 1st may 2010 until 31st august 2010 (we go 12th June 2010), the rooms that we have booked, will not be available as these are the ones being refurbished, 1/2 the hotel will be closed, including the quiet pool, several bars, spa etc; I have been in touch with virgin x 2, they t
  2. Hi, Why do you advise not to send the letters recorded delivery??? just that we are going to use the letters but was advised to send them recorded so we have proof that they have been received. Look forward to your response
  3. Hi, Thanks I will get a letter done this weekend, just wish that I had found this site earlier, nice to start feeling a bit in control and to realise not to just accept what is thrown at you.
  4. Hi, Have got credit reports, but trying to understand how it works. 1)If you have settled is it right that the default amount still shows on your credit report. 2) I have previously written to a company asking for information on an account on my credit file that states that I owe money, and I havent got a clue what it is, I got no answer, so is there a letter template that I can use, requesting the information??? it is a barclaycard credit card account, I dont understand as there is another one on me that states that I owe no money ( I used to have one but had paid it off) so dont know w
  5. I need some advice please; My husband and I got an urgent loan out over two years ago from swift advances, to cover an existing loan and pay off some debts. I am trying to remember (find out who the original loan was with and now in hindsight of this website, why we needed to borrow so much from swift, as we have never initially borrowed that much money). Firstly, can anyone tell me how/where I can investigate as to who we would have had the loan out with??? I am sure that it would have been a secured loan. Because of redundancies, and mental health problems etc; we got into problems in
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