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  1. Thanks, ive given them that number already i found it when looking on the net( they dont have access) thats why im on trying to help. they are closed today but they'll try on monday, thanks again for you're help.
  2. hi there, the court date is for the 7th of april, im not sure of all the exact details of the letter, most of it was legal mumbo jumbo but it stated that they were givin previous notice and that they failed to respond or that the refused to leave the premises, they have received no formal notice from any official body or from the landlord. i forgot to mention, the landlord owns a security company which also leases out properties and my friend is also employed by them as a security guard and is scared of confronting them in case they fire him. basically the guy who got him the job was a so
  3. my friend has recieved a letter today from a solicitors, basically saying they are been taken to court to be evicted because the landlord that was letting the property to them has defaulted the agreement to the morgage company, and states on the letter that the tenency agreement is void as the landlord has illegally let the property to them. my friend has been paying the rent to the landlord faithfully each month but by the looks of it, the landlord has not been paying the mortgage on the property. they have now recieved this citation to court to evict them. Im sorry if this is vague as
  4. I had a call from this company, when i answered i said "he's not in(meaning me!) can i take a msg" the girl gave me a reference no and said its from "WELLESBOURNE" Does this mean anything to anyone? cheers, D
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