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  1. And a 'good news' rider to the above. Not that a fiver is a lot of money, but there was a principle involved, so we complained (and got nowhere) until my partner remembered an email address she had from a year or so back of a salesman at Virgin who had tried to get us to recommend Virgin to neighbours. Anyway, she told him about the problem, and he 'sorted' it, getting our account credited. Moral: a) still DON'T phone the operator, even if you are old and grey and think phoning the operator is a Good Thing. b) if you DO get calls from salespeople, particularly Virgin ones,
  2. Well, Bazooka Boo (nice name, probably masking a true alpha male lurking in the shadows), try reading my original post, which was a warning to other unsuspecting Virgin phone users; and in fact if you read on, looking with intelligence and discrimination at the subsequent answers and my comments, you might see how the discussion ended where it did. Allen, London.
  3. I suppose I could have sent a postcard to every line provider in the UK, plus one to my disabled neighbour telling her we couldn't get through and asking for a letter by return telling me who she used. Different generations, I'm afraid. I grew up in an era where if you had a phone problem, you asked the operator. Perhaps I should get you to nail down the coffin lid and have done with it.
  4. Wrong. Virgin do NOT have a facility where you can report faults on someone ELSE's phone, unless it TOO is a Virgin line. Virgin's 151 USED to give several choices; now it only allows you to choose Virgin-related options, and nothing about other firm's services. Try it. A.
  5. Whatever you do, DON'T phone the operator on 100 if you've got a Virgin phone. We did, to report a fault on a disabled neighbour's line, and got charged £6.23 for the privilege (we were connected by the operator on a Saturday which is supposed to be FREE for local calls). When we complained they said that 'they' (someone else) charged them for the service. When we pushed and pushed, they admitted that it was in fact VIRGIN who charged for the call, and not someone else. Slippery eels. Not nice people. We're going to look at Sky instead. Allen.
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