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  1. sumitted form 4 to court the bailiff has until tomorrow to reply otherwise summoned to appear before judge so i understand from the court today. havnt bothered with contacting the bailiff organisations or the company the bailiff supposedly worked for. tracked the bailiff on the courts webside and sent form 4 to the court concerned. they said they have never had a form 4 before.
  2. nobody seems to fully understand this i was never told a tracker was being fitted it was not in terms and conditions and yes it was activated several times during the 2 years i had it. the papers tthat have been sent show that but since its been taken to a solicitor instead of duncton doing it they have got confused as to what papers they have sent us and now they deny monitoring it??????? it was fitted where the car was bought by the people who do the tracking so we have found out but the garage deny any knowledge and even when the car was repossessed they said they happened to be passin
  3. just wondering if anybody has ever wona a form 4 complaint against a bailiff regarding their behaviour. i have one going at the moment and wonder is it worth it
  4. Do u work for them. There r so many complaints about them on this site why
  5. I thought it was my car I don't work for them they don't pay me I was buying this car they never told me in my purchase note the word purchase agreement that it was going to be fitted they did it behind my back its against my human rights as well as being illegal they can have information about where I have been I don't know what they have They denied the tracker for 2years why It's only through the court case they supplied info which I don't think they looked at too carefully Then they still denied its for a further month they are not too ready to admit why????
  6. hi just to see if there is only a few of us affected by duncton could you reply to this thread if you have or had duncton as your lender and how they treated you? thanks in my application hearing the barrister did say that he was going to major on my credability just want to know theirs!
  7. been away a while getting things ready for hearing, copiying everything on duncton and their activities. reply to above owed 2 months. got termination notice. funny thing is in court on my application hearing the bvarrister confirmed the agree,ment was iregular. just what i said in my email to them the day before they sent the repo in. also they do confirm that a tracker was fitted by tagguard in bradford thats where the car was in the merc garage. we have issed proceedings for this. duncton should'nt be allowed to trade with all this on the site.
  8. oh i forgot to say it doesnt matter where you park it they will find it, mine had a tracker fitted without my knowledge and they had been tracking me for even the year previously so dont think your safe anywhere. they are also denying that even though they sent evidence of it 2 years earlier. well they have recently instructed solicitors now so they have a lot to catch up on. thats how they got me in waitrose car park because i was not at home they use tagguard system. only every had one key partner says they had the other and sneaked in to fit it, well thats another action we have lau
  9. just read your thread been fighting duncton for 2 yrs now they repossessed my car after 2 years!!!! on a 4 year agreement i was having difficulities too financially and they would not agree anything either. they repossessed my car in waitrose car park and put a clamp on it. sma;ll town everybody looking trolley load of goceries a childmof 10 crying what humiliation. up shot was manager would not let the tow truck through the barrier to get it so left overnight but my partner stayed in the car. 10 pm a night 2 thugs came along literally "did him over" but he phoned me just as her was say
  10. the car was 25,400 loan on lease purchase agreement making it 400 over the regulated loan term. my partner and i never stated amount re the deposit and was told what deposit to put down funny it was just over 25,000 therefore making it unregulatred and can take it back when they wish this happened to be in a waitrose car park clamped with lots of onlookers a child shopping etc. they tracked the car there but none of them said so. they just happened to be passing! this happened in may 2009 and since they put in a claim for 16,000 the rest of the balance of the agreement and took back the c
  11. the case is still going on not only tracker. contract they state has issues and irregularities but nevertheless they lied when the car was picked up they said they just happened to be in the area and oh there it was! why did they have to lie if its so fine to have a tracker then. yes it is against the data protection act its ok with my consent knowledge but noone confirms it fitted not even the garage. the car is a private car mine ok i have an agreement for the purchase of the car but it is private not a company car and what this about truck drivers and expenses? i was shopping with my 9 y
  12. no nothing in the agreement or anything to do with the garage as i said another chap on this site when he phoned the garage to see when he was collecting the car was told by the garage that they were putting a tracker on but he let the cat out of the bag i think because he shouldnt have known as duncton didnt want him to know. its on this site somewhere under duncton.
  13. hi just put a thread in motoring but it involved a repossession of my car. bought a car from a mercedes garage and was financed by duncton. to cut a long story short had 25,400 on finance (just over by 400 pouds over regulated therefore unregulated - yes i am stupid!!!!!) things getting worse struggled with payments but it was either sleep in car or have a house so car got repossessed which i wont go into at the moment. my main concern is that going through the papers that they sent it seems that the car had been fitted with a tracker and that duncton had monitored the cars
  14. this covers several areas dont know really which one to start from so i will start froim the garage. bought a car from a mercedes dealer (used) and unfortunately duncton were the finance company. many probs there but going past all the other financial and court matters (i am in court in may) i was going though all the docs that they had sent me and there was a log sheet where the car and obviously me were tracked by them for 2 years. i was unaware there was a tracker on the car and no mention by anyone either in docs from garage or from duncton. i did notice another person in th
  15. have had a terrible time with db been to court 6 times on repossession hearing but they have been extortionate in the extreme. got involved in them just before everything went tits in sept 2007 they have been disgraceful in not helping in everyway, they have put charges on me for the court appearances of a barrister and it hs been insulting to say the least the judge sorry but i came under basildon court was not sympathetic. but i am coming out of things now money improving and are these bas...rds going to pay for it all. i intend to get my own back. by the way they have been fined
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