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  1. Thank you all I have been around forum sites and dealt with people but this is the best one thank you all will keep you informed on what happens Michael
  2. Forgot to say both cars have gone to bed till this is over So will use my son’s car
  3. Thank you for your help I went to the court this morning and lodged a Vary judgment Was this good or bad???????
  4. I have just done a HPI and she is clear What about the judgment costs do I have to pay them on top off the £603.?
  5. I can’t find the court papers so will have to get a copy in the morning from the court But on the paper work they have given me it is £603.67
  6. I am arranging for one car to be put at a friend’s place and not use it The other is in a garage 150miles away so won’t be seen What I would like to know can they inform HPI that they have this levy on them? As I was going to sale one to pay my debits off
  7. Hi Can ant body help? I have a ccj against me The company collecting it is High Court enforcement in Devon The original ccj was for £603.60 Judgment costs £654.07 this has gone up from there last visit £497.34 On the last visit they sead the total was £1102.86 on this visit it is £1725 Are these costs real? the ccj was for car parts
  8. He works for a company called High Court Enforcement based in Devon The clamant is a privet company
  9. Hi I am Michael I have received a county court judgment and the bailiffs have called at my home when I wasn’t hear They didn’t get in but took the registration Number of my car and put that on the seizure notice that was posted throw my letter box They have come to day to collect the car which wasn’t hear so haven’t got it Am I right that as I am a Chauffeur and the car is part of my tools of my trade can they take it?
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