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  1. Thks Planner. Just a few issues here. The old tenancy has ended (and the DPS was covered only for a year) which a entire different contract was signed that would last for further 6mths which is ending. However, in this new tenancy contract the LL didn't state that the deposit was paid or to be carried from the old contract. Planner mentioned that: As your tenancy hasnt ended, you cant request it back yet, and the deposit remains protected. Does that means that even the deposit was paid into the old contract which ended, the deposit is still liable for claim by the LL or TT based on the new contract, which did not state that any deposit was paid and with the DPS covered period expired Was thinking if the LL left out the deposit intentionally on the new contract so that LL can claim it full as I have not asked for it back after a long time? (but I think this is silly) Many thanks again
  2. Hi, hope some one would be able to answer my question. My deposit was paid into the DPS (for a 1 year rental) which has ended but I have continued to rent the house for another short term with a new contract signed. The landlord has not made any changes to the DPS since then. Am i entitled to a full refund now (no inventory was taken) and would the landlord be allowed to make any claims based on the new contract. Thanks for your help!
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