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  1. The laptop cant be used either with or without the battery. Either the charger or the laptop is broken rikk47729
  2. Hi, I paid £400 for a laptop from Tesco 3 odd years ago (have misplaced my reciept). I have had the power pack replaced 3 times (by the manufacturer) and now the laptop will not charge at all. The power pack is ok but the laptop is not. I am very annoyed and have been into the tesco shop where i bought it to complain. I was told 'there is nothing we can do'! I believe this is unfit for purpose and therefore should be repaired(at no cost to me), replaced (at no cost to me), or a proportion refunded to me (with a fair usage discount) under the SOGA. My questions are, am I correct? Do i n
  3. Both agreements are on a pervious post scan back you will find them there somewhere.
  4. I have had a breif look at your link do I just take the bit out about the 1/3 paymets. As you know it's long winded but on the old agreement I would have paid over 1/3 off the car (HP) but these figures where never included in the new agreement as the new agreement was for the same price as the old one.
  5. They Took the car yesterday about 4.30ish I'am guessing as thats what a neighbour said.
  6. Make no mistake even if you pay on time. They will find some excuse to repo the car etc that you own. WCF are moving away from the Car finnace side of the market and need to claw back every penny they can and will stop at nothing to get what they want even if it means breaking the law. The law means nothing to WCF they think they wrote the book and can change it to benifit the whenever it suits.
  7. Just a quick update, Welcome have now taken the car from my home address, did not knock nor did they put anything through the door to say they had taken the car. Even tho the FOs are still dealing with it. Upon ringing them they could not tell me if they had the car or not so left me no choice but to report the car as stolen. One to watch out for at WCF Matthew Armstong very unhelpfull very rude and vile. They have refussed to give back the items in the car even tho they don't belong to me (Which I belive to be theft).
  8. Please Can Some One Help. My Car Is Not Lised Anywhere On My Re-financed Creit Agreement. All It Gives Is A Figure, But No Details Of The Car. My Question Is - Can They Reposess The Car With A Court Order?
  9. Does anyone have an email address for senior complaints or compliance. I am still getting threatening letters. Welcome have said that they will collect my car in 2 weeks despite all my letters!!!!! HELP HELP HELP
  10. Hi Guys Does Anyone Have The Email / Address And Telephone No Or Any Contact Details Of Welcomes Compliance Department As I Am Still Getting Treatening Phone Calls Despite Me Putting Them Into Dispute For Failing To Provice Cca And Sar. Many Thanks Rikk Have Also Reprted Them To Fsa:)
  11. Hi All, I wonder if anyone can take a look at the letter from welcome collections i recieved today? Its on this link..... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-finance/190778-welcome-finance-please-can-2.html Kindest thanks
  12. FOrgot to mention, The letter was not sent recorded so they will have nothing to prove this letter was posted,
  13. HI All, PLease can I ask for you super guys to have a look at my latest developement on my post..... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-finance/190778-welcome-finance-please-can-2.html#post2121952 Had a snotty letter this morning from Welcome. Cheers Rikk47729
  14. UPDATE - PLEASE HELP GOt a letter this morning it says the following. WITHOUT PREJUDICE REQUEST UNDER SECTION 80 OF THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974 Dear Sir, RE Hir purchase Account XXXXXXXX I refer to the above account which you have entered into with welcome finance. It requires you to keep the goods to which the account relates in your possetion or control. I hereby request you, within 7 days after you recieve this letter, to tell me where the vehicle with the following registration number is located, XXXXXXX If you fail to comply with the request and the de
  15. Hi again All, Please can you let me know the address to send the subject of access report to. Also i sent my CCA request 4 weeks ago and I have had no response. Is there a follow up letter I now send to put the account into dispute? Kindest thanks, Rikk47729
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