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  1. Hi All Right in a past life i got in a mess with a number of things C/Tax was one of them got 3 different accounts outstanding to a total of around £1500 so not outrageous been having some visits from these people demanding that we pay them for 1 of the accounts totaling £246.52 (as you may tell I have had dealing with them before) my wife was getting a bit worried I said I would start a good will payment to the council (not B&S) of £5 per week on each of the 3 accounts (total £15pw) council have refused this offer before as I refuse to show my income
  2. Hi All right first of all i carnt make payment on my car got it in october money was good but the week befor xmas I was out of work and still are Now 2 months behind with payment so the car is due for going back eather volutary (if i can rase the funds they want for me todo it but i carnt pay them so guess that wont happen) or by reposession now what i want to no is can I stipulate when they collect it (e.g. you have 14 days from the date of this letter etc) and what concequences I could issue by not completing the collection in time as if they are going to come and get it I just wa
  3. Well this is good news indeed Now I have got an accout the earliest statment is 2002 now with this ruling in mind they should not hold much of a fight in paying me back or is it only valit up to the amendment that they make every so oftern? Thanx Will
  4. Have you still got all the letters etc saying you dont owe anything I would most likly send a copy of that a politly tell them to [email protected]&% off as if they have stated you owe nothing they carnt come back after 11 years saying that you do But as Im no expert on mortgage etc I will let one of the other nice people on here confirm what I have said Dont worry about it we will get you through it smiling or do our best trying Will
  5. Hi Angel Sorry to hear your friend having so many problems Right I think what bona is trying to say is yes the eviction notice is for the 28th but if you fail to leave the propoty of the 28th they have to go back to court to have you removed from the house and that extra time might be just enough time to sort remortgage and other legal problems (sorry bona I hope i got tht right) I do hope your friend is able to resolve this problem All The Best WIll
  6. Right just a quick update Contacted GE Money via phone (Recorded) requesting there formular for working out interest etc on the account they said it should be posted tomorrow but it could take a week to arrive so we will see anybody else got any thoughts on the above post?
  7. Hi loug First thing ALWAYS send letter via recorded delivery that way you have a valid record that they did get it so if you did not send it recorded delivery send another one to make sure but keep a copy for you files for court make sure you note it is the second letter about it and say when you sent the first one but dont worry stay calm dont talk to GE on the phone unless you record the call always deal in letters only its good evidence As for the charges you should be able to claim back somebody else will point you in the right direction of the letters needed that will be h
  8. Hi all Right just to make things clear befor I start 1. Im not trying to get out of the loan in full a. Just trying to make sure it is right b. trying to give my self alittle bit of time so that work can pick up again after Xmas as I cart afford to pay atm 2. I have asked this question on the penalty charges website just wanted to see what you came up with for this here is a quote of my last post now from my limited understanding that is saying that the less amout of the main loan remaining to pay the less the interest will be E.G. £5000 loan at 10% at t
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