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  1. Hi Howler Just been reading through your thread. I've not been on here for a while but thought i'd make a comeback All the letters you have been receiving are threats and threats only. The simple fact is that without an original signed (by you and lloyds) executed agreement then they haven't got a leg to stand on. A court cannot enforce payment unless this document was shown to them. As you have stated, you have done an SAR request to lloyds and they have a duty under that request to send you all original copies of any agreements they have with you. They have failed to send you
  2. Sillygirl, the OP had a loan of 9k. They have been paying 100 a month for five years so they still 'owe' 3k.Hope that didn't sound narky as wasn't meant to be!!
  3. Thanks guys. This is not for me but a friend. He's been sent an absolutely terrible cca where you can't read anything and terms and cons have been printed on the reverse. He also has a loan with them and to be honest when he went the bank for help as he can't afford full repayments they just basically ushered him out of the door. Would just like to see what they have and in what form. Thanks again guys
  4. When you do a sar to a bank do you just put your account number down or do you have to put credit card number and loan number aswell? First time i will have done one of these so want to get it right Thanks guys
  5. Just a bit of help if that's ok please guys. I have cca'd Lloyds for a credit card debt (not mine but a friends). His situation changed a bit and could no longer afford the repayments. He went into branch to ask for help but got absolutely no joy whatsoever off them (hence my cca application to them). They have sent the usual reconstituted version of the executed agreement with no signature, terms and conditions and statement of account. The unusual thing is though that in the letter that come with it they have basically admitted to having no true signed agreement.
  6. Well done Mike!!!!! Don't think the picture of you on the bbc news website doe you justice though lol. It's about time the little guy wins for a change and hopefully there will be plenty more little guys winning after this outcome. Congrats... Andy
  7. Ha ha. This is brilliant. About time the council get screwed. In my opinion they are too quick in passing these orders to the courts. Good video though!!!!
  8. Thanks guys. The council have also asked for a personal meeting with me to discuss the whole affair face to face. Don't get me wrong here but i have spent countless hours on the internet, writing letters to the council and to the ombudsman and researching my rights to have got me this far. To be honest there where times after a long days work that i just couldn't be bothered to do any more and felt like giving in, but my conscience got the better of me. Again guys thanks very much for all your help and support and hope i can return the favour one day!!!!!!!!!
  9. Here is a quick update as to the outcome of my complaint to the ombudsman. 1) The ombudsman has awarded me with £800 compensation for the hardship, bailiff visits and time and trouble in pursuing my complaint. 2) That the council changes the way it reviews each case of self employed income 3) The council offer me a full written apology for all the shortfalls in their assessment of the case 4) The council should send income/expenditure forms with their request for accounts at the same time. There where a few other things that the ombudsman had put but to be honest the r
  10. Are you saying that they should repair it then? I have a feeling though that when i phone them they will try to fob me off. Any legal jargon to throw at them would be nice if you could help me please. Thanks again
  11. Hi all, need a bit of advice as to where i stand here please. As yet i haven't done anything about this as wanted some help first. I bought a telly from Currys three years ago. I paid £1000 for it. After six months the screen started getting shadows on it and so had to get the screen replaced. (Currys did this at no cost as it was still under guarantee). This last week i have noticed the screen has quite a big line that goes down the right hand side of the telly. I want this repaired as it is so annoying now that i have noticed it. By now you probably know what i am go
  12. 4O days for subject access request and they are working days
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