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  1. Interesting! Thanks for the reply What will happen next if I simply ignore these?
  2. Hoping for some advice at the moment. Due to my partner being out of work recently I ran up a large credit card bill to te tune of £3000, which was fine for a while as it was in an interest free period. When the interest free period ended I was faced with paying c.£70 per month in interest, which was pretty much the full payment I was making each month. After looking at several options, and even trying to negotiate with the Halifax (who incidentally wanted a £50 payment for 12 months to pay off just £20 of the balance per month) I decided to allow them to pass onto a dca by deliberately defaulting on my payments. I have now received a letter from Albion demanding the amount in full, now! Can they demand the full amount in one go? If not, am I able to offer to pay installments? Are Albion known to reduce the debt if paying a lump sum at such an early stage? Any help or advice on how I should approach this debt will be appreciated
  3. I'd be interested to know if anyone has had a similar issue with A&L..... I recently changed my bank from the Halifax to A&L when they were offering a £100 incentive when you switched to them. Today I have received a letter from them 3 months after opening my account to say they will not be paying me the £100 as I didn't meet all their requirements: Essentially I switched all my live DD's from my old account and any new agreements I have which entail a DD I have set up manually. Are they simply "assuming" these new DD's are old ones which weren't switched??? Any advice on which direction I should take? I really do think this is an absolute cop out!
  4. I'd just like to say that since my second letter back in January I have had no further correspondence from Roxburghe, Hutchison or any other collection agency. I can only assume they have the wrong person!
  5. Yes I informed them I had checked my credit file and it was clear of any reference to Hutchison
  6. I responded saying although the name on the "bill" was the same as mine I have no idea what the bill is for!!! I've checked my credit file and there is no adverse history or record of dealing with 3. I explained that I would help the original company where I could and expected this to be concluded
  7. Well today I received a response to my initial letter, along the lines of they are collecting for HFO Capital, who bought the debt in 2007 from 3G Hutchinson. There is then a balance breakdown on Roxbourgh headed paper: Original Balance - £148.68 Charges - £10.00 Interest - £97.26 Collected - £0.00 Additional Info Tariff - Videotalk 500 Account Open Date - 12.02.04 Account Close Date - 09.02.05 On the final page there is what looks like some internal computer style statement on 3 headed paper with an account number and my name on but no telephone number in the number box. I'm confused. This simply isn't my bill!!!!! Any ideas what I should be writing in my next letter to Roxbourgh? Thanks in advance - and a Happy New Year if I don't get a reply tonight!!! 180
  8. Has anyone had a positive response from this yet? I'm concerned I am going to have to spend a lot of time writing back and forth and receiving the same "tough sh!t" letters from the Halifax. I am at the limit of my overdraft and from next month I'll be recieving £30 a month in fees as I no longer pay into that account, whilst paying £50 a month to repay the "debt". I seem to be fighting a losing battle, and some positive news would be a real boost!
  9. I'm still not quite sure what they are trying to charge me for though, as my account was paid, on time almost every month and cancelled properly! Since then I've had absolutely no correspondence from them, although I did move addresses 3 1/2 years ago! How and why they would be chasing me for anything is absolutely beyond me! I've sent the template letter so I'll hopefully have a response in the next few weeks
  10. ^^^Intersesting! Could it be a [problem], perhaps?
  11. So, if this is a 3 debt, for a mobile phone contract I terminated 4-5 years ago, how come I am only hearing about it now??? Can they chase me after this long if I have had no previous correspondence?
  12. I hope this is in the right place. I've tried searching but can't find anything that is similar to this. Today I received a debt collection letter from Roxburghe acting on behalf of Hutchison 3g (Orange mobile, I presume) demanding a debt of over £270. I honestly have absolutely no idea why! Is there a standard letter template I should respond with??? The only things I can imagine this referrs to is a recently cancelled Orange mobile contract where I cancelled mid term due to a change in their T&C. They confirmed cancellation, took a final bill and sent me a cheque to credit adifference! There is also a possibility this relates to an old debt which was settled on a 3 mobile over 5 years ago!!! How should I approach this? Regards 180
  13. Has anyone else taken any forther steps as I'm now concerned D Day is rapidly approaching and the Halifax have yet again shunted me into the sideline asnd said that their investigation is closed and the charges will still apply. Are they simply not reading the letters????? What should I do in order to purse the matter in court? Any help would be massively appreciated
  14. One thing that has occurred to me is that if they do start to charge £1 a day, could I challenge each and every one of the charges by sending a letter a day to the Halifax saying they are in breach of our original agreement. Should they fail to acknowledge, could I take the matter to court and demand costs of, say £35 per letter if the case goes my way???
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