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  1. Customer services like I said were Rude , I took the persons name and it is going to be looked into . I knew I didnt owe the money .
  2. Hi, I reported the problem to Virgin via email as when you telephone the 150 number you can get nowhere with them. Within 10 minutes someone had dealt with my complaint !! Problem sorted !!! I owe nothing .Their mistake. No engineer called it was cancelled within the 7 days . I had someone phone me from NTL to appologeise and said none of it ever should have ever happened .I should not have even been told to pay £180 as i did not owe it !
  3. phoned them found out where they have added the charges o need advice !! I telephoned for TV packaged last month but cancelled before it was installed i changed my mind .Apparently I entered into a new contract according to virgin - but i cancelled did not have the tv installed so now decide to charge me £180 ???? as im leaving them . The TV package was cancelled within a few days engineer never came round so what is there problem ??
  4. Hi , I dont have Virgin TV and had the same landline phone package & internet deal for over a year now . The sales adviser was "snotty" to say the least I have took his name to put in a complaint .
  5. Hi, wondering if someone can help. Ive been with virgin media ( previously ntl ) for years .Ive broadband and phone . Recently I got a better deal from sky so I have gone with sky.I had to wait until sky came to install phone line then phone up Virgin media to cancel broadband & tv . When i phoned Virgin media - snotty was the exact way to describe the way they spoke to me . They told me I would have to pay £180 to leave them .I asked why they said i was in a contract with them. I said to my knowlege i have been on the same meg broadband and same phone package for years .They
  6. Hi thanks for that .They have told me that there was a record of the phonecall but no " talk of for the same tarriff " .
  7. They just sent a letter quoting "As T mobile said etc etc" As i explained to them .The handset was mine .I was paying £13 a month contract.The contract ended xmas 2008 .They sent a letter to renew but at £25 a month.I telephone before contract was due to end and said i wish to terminate when it came to an end. I spoke to a lady from t mobile she said " Stay with us we will do it same price as before , same package same deal etc £13 a month - again" . I said ok and stayed . Like i said this phone was my daughters i am with Orange .I kept the same deal as basically it was easier .I di
  8. No it was more than a " Mistake " .They agreed i could have the same contract with my own phone renewed .As i explained they deniged all knowledge of this , no phone calls , mysteriously nothing on their computers or logs.Everything seems to have dissapeared ! The bills were paid so no damage to credit file- it got nothing to do with it. In my opinion and the people who were privy to the conversations with T MOBILE -We all say they are Liars !
  9. Basically there is nothing more i can do then except to accept the fact T mobile are LIARS !! Thanks for all your help. I hope others who consider using T Mobile will read this and consider another mobile provider !
  10. Hi, Ive wrote to both addresses already and recieved replies basically fobbing me off .Is there a higher address to write to.
  11. I telephoned T mobile when i spotted the discrepency said i was totally disgusted etc and wished to cancel the contract.I said when will i be able to do this without incurring any charges .They basicaly told me i had to give one months notice , which i did and the contract was cancelled The beginning of september 09 . Since then i have wrote complaints in and been fobbed off.
  12. Hi , i cancelled the contract straight away.I dont know why T mobile are lying. This has got me so annoyed hence why i have complained but yet again they keep fobbing me off.
  13. Hi , the contact came to an end around xmas 08 .T mobile sent me documents saying would i like to renew at £25 a month. I telephone and said i wished to leave as i would not pay £25 for 200 minutes and unlimited texts when i had previously paid £12. The person whom ever it was on the T mobile line said they would let me have the same deal again for £12 a month .They never sent any thing through the post ( or i never recieved it). I wrote complaints and stated not only were people Privy to the conversation but would they check the recorded telephone conversation. T mobiles reply to th
  14. Hi, I will try to write this as short as possible. I have been with T mobile at least 10 years .I gave my T mobile phone to my daughter to use ( I switch to Orange ) I kept my old phone and they gave me a deal for £12 a month .I kept this deal until xmas 2008 then it was time to renew.They told me i could have the same deal . They then charged me £25 a month ! I should have checked my bank as basically i thought it was my daughter going over her minutes but i spotted it in about June 09. I phoned T mobile they said they never agreed to renewing the contract for the same price !!! Thi
  15. Ok, I will try to explain as best i can. Basically i have a contract with T Mobile.I have been with the years, I always pay monthly via direct debit .In Dec 2007 my contract came to an end , they offered me a deal , keep the phone stay on the300 minutes , unlimited mms & picture messages price plan but they would let me have everything for £12 a month. I kept the phone and deal as i gave the phone to my daughter .From 2007 - 2008 they charge me via direct debit £12 a month all in. (Im with orange). Anyway the end of 2008 in november i got a letter saying end of the contract would
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