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  1. Ok, have just been reading up on the Law of Restitution, which if I have understood it correctly (possibly not ) gives my employer the right to take back the overpayment in one go Now totally confused
  2. Hi SarEl, Infinitely better than a kick in the teeth me thinks. Is there any relevant legislation that I can quote to the Director when I email her. From the information you have kindly provided, it would appear that the maximum they can deduct each month is £23.68 ie my normal wage is £6.30ph, and I work 16hrs per week, and I am paid every 4 weeks. NMW is £5.93ph, so the difference between my wage and NMW is £0.37ph, so for 16hrs per week, paid every for weeks is £23.68 (£0.37p x 16 x 4) Not too worried about drafting a letter, would just like to get all facts 100%, so with any luck there will be no comeback later Thanks for you time
  3. Oh well, just when you thought it was over, it gets worse Queried possible over payment with DM, who told me 'No, it's ok' so therefore assumed it was, despite still not having received my wage slip. My next lot of wages were paid two weeks ago on Wednesday, and they were wrong. This time I received my wageslip, so I knew for 100% Spoke to Manager on the following Monday, and advised her my wages were incorrect, her reply was how, answered that I had been overpaid, she then replied 'Yes I know, for the 2nd month in a row' told her I hadn't received my wage slip for January, was then given it, and it had been written on there the amount of overpayment. Asked how they were going to take the money back, all I got told was the Director's dealing with it, I don't know what she's going to do So all in all, as much use as a chocolate teapot! Not disputing I owe it, even though I was told January's wages were correct, would just like to know how they are going to deal with it. Was contemplating emailing the Director, and asking her views on it. Then to top it all off, was given less than a days notice that they were cutting our hours, during which we explained to them we wouldn't have enough time to get all our jobs done, to which the attitude was 'If you don't get your work done, you won't have a job' followed a week later by a staff meeting informing us unless business picks up soon they're going to cut our hourly rate! It won't be much longer before we have to pay them to work there Then I find out today, that as Night Staff have not been doing the jobs they are allocated, they are now being given to us to do. So in a Nutshell, they cut our hours, threaten to cut our wages, and then give us more work to do!! And what can we do about it? Nothing, Arggghhhhhhhh Sorry for moaning, but I just feel so helpless. If they take all of the overpayment in one go next month, I'll be lucky to earn £50 (normally earn £400)
  4. Ok, have just spoken to Northampton CC, who have told me that the monthly repayment is set by the Claimant, the court is just there to register the CCJ. If he fills in an N245 and applies to vary the instalments, it will get passed to the claimant who should accept it. Does this sound feasible?
  5. Ok, got the info you asked for CCJ was for £10655 (inc costs of £360) Payments set at £1142 per month. First payment was due nearly two weeks ago. On their I&E this is the MBNA debt for £10442.10 for which they offered £38pm Claimant is Hillesden Securities, to date they have heard nothing further. Not sure if it's relevant, but they returned Court Forms and I&E to Solicitor, not court. Is it possible their I&E never made it to the court? MONTHLY INCOME Fostering lncome 2954.46 MONTHLY INCOME TOTAL 2954.46   MONTHLY EXPENDITURE Mortgage 423.71 Additional Fostering Cost £500 House lnsurance 89.00 Counciltax 136.80 Water 50.00 Electricity 80.00 Oil 125.00 Housekeeping 600.00 Prescriptions 21.60 Telephone 50.00 TV Licence/rental 12.30 Car Tax 17.00 Car lnsurance 40.00 Petrol/oil 180.00 MOT/Maintenance 60.00 Clothing 90.00 Other expenditure CFS 300.00 MONTHLY EXPENDITURE TOTAL 2775.41   MONTHLY CASHFLOW SUMMARY Total monthly income 2954.46 Total monthly outgoings 2775.41 MONTHLY CASH AVAILABLE 179.05   NON PRIORITY DEBTS PER MONTH DEBTS ASDA card (Santander) 5.00 1499.79 Barclaycard 4.00 1055.59 Barclays Bank 8.00 2232.70 Capital One 40.00 11073.78 Citi Card 13.00 3513.93 HSBC 10.00 2725.10 HSBC 1.oo 100.00 MBNA Bank 38.00 10442.10 NatWest Card 8.00 2118.38 NatWest card 6.00 1517.78 NatWest 16.00 4354.17 NatWest 21.00 5734.69 Virgin card (MBNA) 9.00 2510.47 Charging Order   NON-PRIORITY DEBTS TOTALS 179.00 Any ideas what to do next? Or is there nothing they can do now? Thanks You
  6. Not that I am aware of, her's was definitely a personal Credit Card, and as far as I am aware, so was his I could understand if they had done the I&E themselves, but the CAB did them, so surely they must know what they're doing?
  7. Have double checked with him, it's £1100pm. The same happened with his wife, her offer for a debt of £2500 was £9pm, again worked out with CAB, was submitted to the court, CCJ came back with payment of £249pm. Asked for re-determination, went personally to the re-determination hearing, Judge told her £9pm wasn't enough, would take to long to pay off, and as she couldn't afford the £249pm awarded a CO
  8. He worked his I&E out with the help of CAB. After paying essentials, ie mortgage, council tax etc, his disposable income pro-rata for this debt was £38pm. Not a lot I know, but that was all he genuinely had left
  9. Hi DD, Not sure of exact amount of CCJ, debt back in September was £10,400 but would imagine it's a fair bit more than that now. Even so, still think £1100pm was a bit harsh, ok, not a bit, a lot. It's so sad, as you read on here, work out your I&E, offer what you can afford, and the judge will be ok. Well this is the second time it's happened to them, and they're losing hope fast.
  10. Ok, basic outline is as follows Late last year I posted for a friend of mine who had a CCJ awarded against her, payments set astromically high by Judge, re-determination didn't work so she defaulted and a CO was set against the house. Pleaded with them last year to come to this site, or failing that, any further letters, problems etc to let me know and I'll try to help them (with lots of help from you fine people that is) Have just found out today, that her husband, just before Christmas managed to get himself a CCJ, again courtesy of MBNA. Payments set at £1100pm, and he defaulted 3 days ago!! Again, they have followed the advice of CAB and not contested the debt/amount. Last balance that I know of was £10,400 back in September last year, but I imagine it has gone up since then. Sadly, pretty sure there is not much he can do now, or am I hopefully wrong? Knowing MBNA, pretty sure Interim CO is on it's way as I type................ Many Thanks
  11. Ok, had letter from Eversheds, we have noted the contents of your letter, requesting details from NW, blah, blah, blah However, looking through notes made from when my friend was fighting the Charging Order (Seperate debt) in September 2010 and the balance of the two debts then was £9400. As one of the reference numbers they have supplied NW has confirmed the account has been closed and the balance is zero, this means the other two debts have increased by £2000 in five months! Do we still wait to hear from Eversheds/NW again and then send CCA/SAR off? Or send it anyway? Also, my friend is still paying her agreed payment to NW every month, is this ok?
  12. Hi Just to let you know, I've arrived home with my wages, and thankfully without a P45, Lol There does however, appear to be a new problem. It looks as if I have been overpaid by about £150 Just need to wait for my wageslip to turn up now. Then I take it it's just a case of notifying the DM? Thanks for all your help/advice/best wishes, very much appreciated
  13. Well, just had the phone call. Off I go.................
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