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  1. Thanks for the links, I reported them to Trading Standards straight away. I'm in the process of drafting a letter to them so the links will help with that
  2. I reported them to Trading Standards straight away, I've kept a voicemail as evidence along with copies of all letters I've sent to them since January 2009 clearly stating that I will only communicate in writing
  3. I lodged a dispute with Go Debt in January 2009 regarding an alleged debt. They did not respond to my letters (all 3 of them!). In all three letters I made it very clear that I was only prepared to communicate with them in writing. All has been quite from them since March 2009, until today that was!! I got a phone call from them while I was AT WORK, I told the woman on the phone that I could not and would not talk to her. She rang 3 more times until I put my work phone on voicemail. She subsequently left a voicemail message which in which she said "I will continue to call you at work every day until this matter is resolved" she then left her number asking for me to ring her before 8pm (02920 391 760). I obviously have no intention of ringing them. This is very very embarrassing as I work in an open plan office and everyone can hear everyone elses conversations. I cannot have Go Debt ringing me every day at work. What can I do to stop them? Please help!
  4. Go Debt Limited, also known as Go Debt.co.uk. Refuse to provide proof that they own an alleged debt, when challenged and told to provide info under Subject Access Rights, they wrote to my employer without my permission! I now have to have a meeting with my manager and HR for possible "misrepresentation" of my company which could lead to disciplinary action. They have been reported to OFT and Trading Standards have taken up the case too. I have started a thread asking for advice, please help!
  5. I need help with the above company, they refuse to provide me with any proof that they own an alleged debt and are trying to get £745 out of me. I have written to them asking for prook under the CCA and they provided a faxed copy of an agreement (which was subject to an IVA but thats another story!) but no proof that they owned the debt. I followed up their refusal with a subject access request and mde it clear that the debt was "in dispute" I went into work ths morning to find out that they had written to my employer asking them to confirm that I work for them and now have to meet with my manager and HR!!! I am not happy. I do not want to be harrassed in this way. I have reported them to OFT and they in turn have passed my case on to Trading Standards. Any advice gratefully received!!
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