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  1. Hi I am having a simIlar battle with BC - they have only sent current terms and condition i response to my cca request. I sent the letter "in dispute" and now it has become really interesting! I received a demand from Mercers and I sent them the "bemused letter". Today a woman rang me from Mercers and I decided to speak to her-she said that she did not understand my dispute as BC have sent me my cca. when i told her that they had not complied, this was her response: BC dont have consumer credit agreements, when you apply for the card and receive it and start using it your terms and conditions are your cca. She actually siad that by sending the terms and conditions they have complied, and I would not receive anything else- because there isnt anything else! Has this happened to anyone else? cas
  2. Lucky you! I work with my hubby and two sons, and when they are working local (i.e. within 10 miles) they ring me up to find out when I am bringing lunch!! And chip shop just wont do lol cas
  3. Hi Tawnyowl yes things are starting to pick up for us now thanks, although the better jobs we have are coming from old contacts and repeat business. Have had to come up with some new ideas for advertising i.e me posting leaflets door to door! Which surprisingly, has resulted in some reasonable jobs. I hope the others who subbed have had an upturn too cas
  4. Hi BP I have had dealings with ARC and Trevor Munn over Virgin Active membership. They say I did not cancel my rolling contract and even though I gave them copies of my cancellation letter they still pursued me. However I will not pay, refuse to speak to them on the phone -communicate in writing only. I have heard nothing form them for weeks now! If you are sure you never signed a contract you should be fine. Also Trevor Munn is ARC's in house solicitor They will make lots of threats, but in my experience are easy to get rid of. Mine has been going on since January and they havent yet carried out any of their threats. BTW they have also contacted me on behalf of Egg and they churn out the same empty threats cas
  5. Cat just found this post on the forum it makes interesting reading www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bailiffs-sheriff-officers/168245-distress-warrant.html cas
  6. cat it says on bailiff advice line hat if you contact the fines office and tell them you are on benefits they can stop the bailiff action and deduct from your benefits The Fines (Deductions from Income Support)(Amendment) Regulations 2004. have a look at their site: bailifadviceonline cas
  7. lol it should be bailliffadviceonline but when i copy and paste the link it comes up with teletubbies!! I think you should ring the court and explain your problems about not having notification etc. I tried to sort out same situation with my son, but they were not helpful, he was on a very low income and they wanted unrealistic payments. Maybe it will be different as you are on benefits cas
  8. Cat http://www.pilesadvice.co.uk/magistrates_icant.htm itsays here that if you have been ordered to pay an amount by the court and then your circumstances change you should notify the court immediately. I know your shavent changed but it does mention having small payments deducted from your benefits I think you need to read up on here. Did you receive any notification of court action? cas
  9. Cat you are classed as a vulnerable person if you are: unemployed a single parent I would definitely put a complaint in about the bailiff to the court. Also complain using Phillips own complaints procedure Write (or e-mail) Phillips with your offer of payment, making it clear you are vulnerable due to your circumstances listed above. You dont need to include the personal info abour your problems, I dont think they will take any of that into account. Stick to the facts: offer of weekly payment vulnerable due to unemployed and single parent (I am presuming here!) I am not sure what else you can do - hopefull someone with more knowledge will eb along soon to offer help cas when you rang the court and they told you there was a dw didnt they tell you when it was issued? If not ring them again to find out when.
  10. Cat what is the fine for? cas http://www.dca.gov.uk/enforcement/agents02.htm#part10 They can break if there is a distress warrant(it is an order from the court to collect payment) - because you are on benefits you are classed as a vulnerable person have a look at the site in the link above
  11. My husband said hes been wondering about that for years
  12. http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/courtfinder/forms/form4_0606.pdf FORM 4 complaint cas
  13. Skintflint take a look here http://www.insolvencyhelpline.co.uk/debt_basics/bailiff-guide.php if you are on benefits (or have claimed) you can ask your council to take the case back. I would ask them to do this asap cas
  14. Hi catalice Phillips are an independant baillif company. I think you can make a complaint at the court about this baillifs behaviour. I think it is called a form 4. I have read this on the forum but I will have to try and find it again. Apparently a form 4 complaint will show up when they renew their licence with the court. I will check this out. I have never dealt with phillips- i dealt with another company for my son-seems to me they dont like it when you learn your rights and stand up ot them But you are in safe hands with Tomtubby helping you! cas www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bailiffs-sheriff-officers/115030-how-complain-court-about.html courtesy of Tomtubby
  15. Big Boss Man is right, take a look here http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/bus...dit/oft664.pdf I would complain to the OFT about Phillips bad debt collection practices. Tell them you are complaining about their aggressive collecting methods, refusal to discuss a realistic payment plan (that you are on benefits)and that the bailliff shouted at you in public, calling you names- tell them what names he called you.Tell them you are afraid of the bailliff - do you have his name? Write to the bailliffs and tell them that as you are on benefits you can only pay £xx a week(make sure it is a figure you can afford even if it is only £1) - tell them you have made a complaint to the OFT cas
  16. You could threaten to report them to the OFT- they are acting contrary to their debt collection guidelines by passing the account to several dca's cas http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/bus...dit/oft664.pdf
  17. I got the same letter, but they have also just agreed to refund all my fees. Wont make me rich though as they are applying them to the account! They only sent me the current t&c's- no true copy of my agreement! They have not complied! cas
  18. Hi you should have had copies of everything on your account, but it seems commonplace that they dont include cca's in a SAR rquest. You cant claim payment protection payments back unless you are claiming you were mis-sold the payment protection cas
  19. I sent mine to northampton, one letter with two seperate figures (one mc on visa) and i cant believe it but i got a letter back agreeing to repay the charges as a gesture of goodwill! They wont accept that they were unfair in the first place though. total of £400+ they still have yet to produce a cca and are insisting that the t&c'sthey sent fulfill my request. Good result but it wont do me any good as they are applying it to my account-but it is my first victory!! cas
  20. Hi prescribed terms are there but they havent complied fully with your request as there are no terms and conditions and no statement of account. Therefore they are in default of your cca request until you receive these. I have checked the interest rates and they are correct. It is a cancellable agreement, did they comply with the cancellation rights? Did you get written notification of your cancellation rights a short time after you signed the agreement? cas
  21. I think Tomtubby may be able to help you I have read lots of his posts and it seems that he knows all about magistrates fines - hopefully he will be along soon cas
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