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  1. Thank you, I feel much better knowing that. I'd been getting terrible anxiety attacks thinking my son would be taken away.
  2. Thank you, but the council are already in reciept of my DWP claim going back to 1995. I get Council tax but not housing benefit. Do you have the legal advice phone number please?
  3. Thank you, but I went to CAB 2 years ago and they said once in the hands of bailiffs it was unstoppable:confused: Its taken me all this time to sort it out on my own, and just as I thought it was sorted out they now produce a bill from 2004 which I don't owe, and a bill for last year upto march this year which I don't owe. I even wrote to the secretary of DWP to intervene but never got a reply.
  4. I have been in receipt of Income support and Council Tax benefit since 1995 due to looking after my disabled son, and I am a single parent. 2yrs ago I recieved a letter from the council stating I owed them council tax, I asked how it was possible due to the benefits I was on, and they claimed not to have recieved a council tax benefit form. The form in question was returned by the post office address unknown and I photographed it and sent the evidence to the benefit department that they were clearly giving a wrong address for returning forms. They acknowledged this on the phone. I then st
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