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  1. do they do court or just threatening letters,will or may go to court,?.
  2. your whit suprises me.BUT. this problem has no baring on who fitted the clutch what so ever ,its all to do with the supplier. wear & tare is the problem its all in the thread.
  3. just re-read post 19 "so you have it in writing that this wasnt processed by the garage and therefore the garage should likewise put soemthing in writing to show their findings and justify their stance". haven't a clue what this is on about as no garage was ever mentioned ?.
  4. everything relevant to this thread is in the postings,i have no idea with the post regarding any garage ,that's why I asked. TWICE.its not devoid of context .
  5. sorry what garage ?. ???????????????????????????
  6. sent them another letter "before court action"they have just replied pointing out their terms and conditions of "fair ware and tare".its my clutch not theirs,so why have they not sent it back so I can send it to sachs for an independent inspection.
  7. sent the letter as advised giving them 14 days time limit to reply ,have not received a thing now the 14 days have expired suppose back now to trading standards for legal help then small claims court.
  8. ]anybody any guide lines input before action. spoke to warranty dept at sachs clutch uk, they tell me that there is no way that they would decline a warranty claim as wear & tear without a full explanation as to why the clutch poss failed due to this.
  9. with the info provided what course of action do I take and with what legal argument.any help appreciated.
  10. ??????????????. sorry don't know what it means.
  11. apparently its not under the cra as this came in after the purchase date of 11/05/2015. is this correct. or is it the sale of goods act of 1979.
  12. if you hover mouse over wear and tear in my original post have you read what it states ?.
  13. Purchased a clutch mail order on 11/5/2015, it had a 4yr 40,000 mile warranty. just over 2yrs and 20,000 miles the clutch was juddering violently in reverse and pulling away .they offer a no quibble guarantee for parts only so no claims for the labour charge. "parts will be replaced irrespective as to whether there is a fault or not. If you cannot be without your vehicle simply purchase a new replacement second item from us and we will refund you for the first item upon its return". sound really good customer service ! NOT. Sent it back on 26/7/2017 at a cost of £15 non re-fundable to them, no reply or refund for weeks called them, they said due to holidays and staff shortage a delay had occurred. on the 31st aug 2017 received letter saying "i refer to the above and to your returned goods for which you seek replacement, which I am unable to offer because your parts display no manufacturing defect, just fair wear and tear. Whats the point in having a four yr warrant if when you send it back they just refuse it as wear and tear. when the cluch was removed by a professional garage they said that the dmf bearing showing excessive play causing severe juddering going foreward or reverse. the offer a no quibble guarantee then take it back. I need to stop these people from robbing me can you help please.
  14. now the clutch was supplied with a 4 year 40000 mile warranty. however it managed to complete just over 18000 miles in around 20 months before it broke up (the center plate) the concentric bearing also fell apart.
  15. were there any prohibits for parking on white/yellow or red lines ?. pics of sign would help. because I won a case on exactly the same thing ,but under public parking rules the lines are part of the parking box.
  16. friend ordered item from retailer because the price was cheap ,they took payment then realised the price was wrong .Are they legally bound to supply as they have cancelled her order and just refunded her money.
  17. UKPC have told POPLA that they do not wish to contest the parking charge. WE WON ! WE WON ! WE WON!. admin feel free to change thread heading to won against UKPC. thanks to all who played a part in the defence.
  18. Court action ,does it say they are taking action or MAY ! take court action ?.
  19. thanks ,so popla defence do I use the same as ukpc appeal which is mostly taken from info given on this thread.as would like to get it off asap,as out of the country next week.
  20. well well,ukpc rejected my appeal , "they investigated it and the charge was correctly issued because there are sufficient signs at madford retail park warning drivers that there is no parking outside designated bays. parking bay line markings are in place to enable drivers to park their vehicles safely, and are not extensions of the bay itself ". POPLA ref included.
  21. any body! any links would be appreciated, as requested. pnc pics.
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