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  1. This topic was closed on 11 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. thanks for the help i shall be calling them tomorrow after work and hopefully get a claim form sent out to me
  3. Hi, I received the final response letter from Capital One saying they haven't changed their minds with regards to giving me £40 out of my calculated £220 worth of charges. The only problem I'm having in going to court, as I live in Scotland I can't seem to find anything online or even at the small claims bit on the Scottish courts website. Does anyone know how I would go about filling out a form for a scottish court or do i just need to go along to the nearest court and get a paper copy? Thanks for any help!
  4. Thanks for the replies, better start adding up thse new charges
  5. Hi, got my offer letter back from capital one in response to my first letter requesting a refund of all charges applaied to my account. They've offered me £40 (out of my totalled £220) as they say that the charges of £12 are fair and in line with OFT standards...take it or leave it? I think i'll know what you'll say but hey its worth making sure has anyone else ever taken the preliminary offer of the lower amount?
  6. Hi, I thought the banks had lost the case for charging people...I('ve just been charged £38.00 for a returned direct debit. Is this right? I've already got all my charges back from them a couple of years ago so I doubt i'd be able to do so again as they said they'd close my account if i ever tried to regain charges from them in the future. I'm so disappointed i thought this was all over.
  7. thats the answer i was looking for as well thanks better start counting up those charges
  8. hey, i got my statements in from capital one, quite quickly i may add which is great and i'm adding up late payment charges, overlimit fee charges and i've found another charge which is returned cheque fee...can i claim this as well? Also, i've read that the standard charge is £12 and i've been charged £25 each time so should i just ask for the £25 back or take £12 off of the £25? thanks for any help
  9. Hi thanks for the advice, i think thats probably a better idea...i'll see what they send me first. Does anyone know if they can just take the ten pounds charge off the credit card itself or would you recommend just sending a cheque? I work for a bank and its ridicuolous the amount of money they charge people per statement when they can simply ask for a SAR for a tenner! Just thought i'd voice that concern while i'm here haha, anyway i'll see what happens with cap one thanks for the help
  10. Hi, been on here for some advice on credit card charges and thought i'd type in computeach to see if anything would come up. Turns out there are a few posts all complaining about it. My friend signed up to them a couple of years ago and is thinking of trying to get his money back as he has paid for it in full (not through a loan) and feels that he was missold the product. To be honest as its a contract i don't think he has much of a chance at a refund but could he claim it back under 'unsatisfactory goods and services' which is one of their reasons in their contract for refunds. He has sen
  11. Hey thats great thanks for the advice, I have got bank charges back before and stupidly didn't realize i could get it back from my credit card company as well. Most of the debt is self inflicted i must confess but it isn't over the limit and i'm well on my way to paying it off but like you said if they just put any money i'm owed from charges back that'd be great as it would not pay it all off but help a great deal. I'll await the statements arriving and start adding up those charges! Thanks again
  12. Hi, I have a Capital One card and am in the process of paying it off. I called capital one today and they said it would take 21 days to send out a list of statements which is fine as long as i receive them plus its free which is great as i work for a financial company and sometimes they charge up to £60 for sending out bits of paper! Anyway, my question is...If capital one close my account if i start asking them for charges back does that mean i'd have to pay off the debt on the card? I applied for a balance transfer card but i wasn't accepted so i don't really have any other way of paying
  13. Well he is a nice enough guy i don't think thats the point he still shouldn't have done it. I'll have a look on the FOS thanks for the help
  14. Thanks, I thought so! I just wasn't entirely sure as I usually would expect someone like that to not go around discussing is with anyone else! Do you know what steps I should take to complain? I was thinking a stern letter. Not sure what that will acheive but i guess i could try...
  15. Hi, wasn't sure where exactly to put this thread so general will do! Last year I opened an ISA through a financial advisor with £5000 in it. Last week, I withdrew £1000 from the account(thinking this would be alright since it is my money) and got an angry letter from the advisor saying that it was a long term investment. This didn't bother me that much but just today he told my father about my withdrawal. Now, I'm not too sure about the legalities of all this stuff but I was sure that a financial advisor was in a position of trust and that discussing your financial affairs with anyone else
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