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  1. Hello Its been over a year now since I last looked at this. The house was sold for 149950 about 3-4 months ago. To this date I have heard nothing as regards the remainder monies that belong to my parents. As my parents have gone their seperate ways and are very difficult for me to contact, I am taking reaponsibility for the mess left over. What rights do I have to help reclaim this money? I first of all need to find who has posession of it. I have contacted Kensington and they say they need my fathers authority for me to enquire (standard non-sense). I am very concerned
  2. Thanks for the replies. The court paperwork says that Kensington are claiming 85K so I can't see how they could take any more. My parents are also getting divorced so I guess the solicitors will take control of proceedings.
  3. Hi, Unfortunatly, my parents have had their home repossessed by Kensington after falling into arrears. The outstanding debt on the property is £85k. I have spoken to the property agency dealing with the repossession and they have valued the property at £165k. Given that a buyer is found for this amount and Kensington take their cut from the sale, what exactly will happen to the remainder money? I am assuming that it will be paid to my parents. Am I right in this assumption? Thanks in advance.
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