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  1. today I received a letter from Mortimer Clarke Solicitors regarding a debt from 2003. I have not had any correspondence since they tried to take me to court back in December 2015 where I filed the debt as statue barred. Here is what they say, You previously entered a defence for this debt that the claim is statue barred. Section 5 limitations act 1980 provides that an action founded on simple contact shall not be brought after the expiration of six years from the date on which the cause of action accused. We were instructed that this case was terminated on 10/09/2010. Therefore proceeding were issued within the 6 year period. If you disagree please set out the precise legal basis giving the date on which you believe the debt became statue barred. We are keen to work with you to arrange payment etc etc fill out the expenditure form and send back within 30days. Then in a second letter attached they have offered me a 30% discount if I settle. (Which isn't a option anyway).
  2. So that's it then? They can't carry on with the annoying letters or later down the line try taking me to court again? Or put a default against me?
  3. So it's been 35 days since my defence was submitted 4/1/16 and have not heard a thing since. I checked the the MOL website and nothing updated.
  4. How long do they have from when they receive my defence? Still haven't heard anything as yet. Thanks
  5. Now I'm confused. So do I send a SB letter to them or just ignore and wait for the court? Thanks
  6. I definitely haven't made a payment or contact in six years. I don't think I will be able to get bank statements as it was with another bank and that account closed years ago. Sorry I'm not very good at this! So I should write a letter of complaint to hillsden ? Do you have a template letter you sent that I can adjust using my details obviously.
  7. But I no longer have proof of when the last payment was but I think it would have been 2008. I will just ignore them then and see if the court responds in the mean time.
  8. It says You have alleged that the claim is statue barred. Section 5 of the limitation act etc etc. We are instructed that on this case that the cause of action accrued when the agreement was terminated on 10/09/2010 therefore proceedings were issued within the 6 year period. Ifyou disagree please set out the precise legal basis giving the date which you believe the debt is statue barred.
  9. So I received a reply direct from Mortimer Clark/hillsden yesterday. They say in the letter that the debt is not barred until September 2016. I do not believe this. They have offered a 25% discount if I pay in full now. What do I do now? I have 14 days to reply to them directly.
  10. I submitted my defence on Saturday morning. Went online this morning and it has been received. Do you know how long it usually takes?
  11. Thanks for your reply. So do I put this defence in a letter? Sorry to sound stupid I just want to get it right. Thanks
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