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  1. Has anybody ever had similar problems with Tesco.com? Over a week ago now, we had a home delivery booked. Due to being stuck in traffic, we missed our driver by seconds (we saw him drive away from the house). We phoned Tesco.com immediately, but the driver refused to come back (even though he was close to the house). Tesco then proceeded to take the value of the order from my bank account, and we have spent a week trying to get a refund. We've now been told today (over a week later already) that it could take another week to obtain a refund. We are a one-wage family with a toddler to feed - with no money in the bank now thanks to them. Despite telling them how urgent the situation is, we're being told there is nothing else they can do. We have also told them we won't be using Tesco again - so they've sent us a £10 e voucher as compensation! To use at TESCO.COM.......... Has anybody ever managed to successfully obtain a refund in similar circumstances? For anybody who has a similar problem, here's Head Office's telephone number - 01992 632222
  2. :D:D Persevere, guys and gals. I received my full refund £59.95 cheque today, at last, nearly eight months after my initial request. You CAN do it. Just never let up until you get what you want. I was on the point of giving up so many times but at last it's paid off.
  3. I think that Steve Crawford might be getting wise to the above tactics. He's trying to weasel out of giving me my 59.95 back as well; of course they manage to get this money out of you at exactly the time you don't need to get rid of any more! Despite the fact I found within a few hours I didn't need the loan, they're still refusing to give me my refund. And I need that money towards funeral expenses- my daughter was stillborn on Dec 9th, information which appears not to have affected his stony heart. He's saying they've provided a service. I'm saying they haven't as I have not accepted their product. Several furious emails later...I'm banging my head against a wall with this one I think. No Worries loans - AVOID AVOID AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. Shysters.
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