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  1. Hi All Recieved a letter from Hillesden Securities this morning with a copy of my origional agreement and a pile of old statements from MBNA. They say the account is being returned to their collections team within 14 days so it looks like I will have them hassling me again!! There is still the issue of the letter from MBNA saying that my account had been passed to Hillesden Securities having the different account number to the one from Hillesden although the account that Hillesden has the same original account number with MBNA. Should I try and persue this and anyone have an id
  2. Hi Everyone Just wanted to give you an update on my letters to DLC / Hillesden Securities. On the 1st May they sent me a standard letter saying that they would try and get a copy of an agreement from MBNA and since then I have heard nothing from them. On 20th May I sent them another letter as they have failed to provide me with a copy of the alleged agreement with MBNA and so the account is now in dispute. Will let you know what I hear next from them.
  3. The 4129 number that DLC have quoted on there letter to me is the same number that used to be my MBNA card number. The letter that MBNA sent me saying that they have sold my account to DLC contains a different 4129 card number.
  4. Thanks for the reply Steven, letters to DLC seem to be working as the phone hasnt rung with any of their numbers today!!! Will await the copy of the CCA to see which card number they are quoting and take it from there! John
  5. Hi Everyone Long time reader and first time poster so please be gentle!! I had a credit card with MBNA which I defaulted on payment in July 2008 and then paid £10 token amounts until an agreement with the CCCS started paying them (and other credit cards). I had a letter from MBNA dated 20/04/09 saying that "Your outstanding balance due under the above account has been sold to Direct Legal-Dtl" and that all enquiries regarding my account and future payments should be made directly to them (Direct Legal-Dtl) I then received a letter from Hillisden Securities Ltd, trading as D
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