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  1. They will harass you as they would want to claim they helped you get the job and then go onto claiming 0000s at different stage, they will entice you by offering cash incentives to get a form filled out by your employer to show proof you work there....
  2. Hi, did you have a induction? They should provide you with a booklet which should cover a complaints procedure, outlining the steps and levels take. If not, start with the centre manager and then take it from there. Good luck and don't allow them to walk all over you!
  3. I have seen a car, the dealer said it was CAT D - no damage, just stolen & then recovered, how can i find out if this is true? should i ask for any documents etc, i have not gone to see him yet, just had a conversation over the phone, will see him soon if i get the answers I am looking for from here.. Bankerhymeswith - I like your message, very informative - thank you for sharing.
  4. Hi, Is it possible to choose a different boiler via the installation company or EAGA? My father got the offer, the Warm front engineer came down and recommeded the whole system be changed, we then had another engineer come down from Glowarm, who said they will replace the currently boilder with a Ideal Icos HE15 boiler. having read the reviews and stories on the interest I hear this is not a good one, how do i arrange for another one to be installed, i don't mind putting some money towards it to ensure my dad gets a decent boiler that will not let him down when needed the most!
  5. Hi, i have had no response, what is the next step in getting some money back via the courts?
  6. thanks for your reply, can i ask what an LBA is please...
  7. I used a company to do my wedding film and photography, the company then used a 3rd party to take the photos at the wedding. I got my film, but i still have not got the photo album, they contacted me in May 2008 with a draft outline, i replied back with the changes in Sept 09... i have since tried to contact the guy but no avail. I now want my money back as 1) the agreed time as elapsed. 2) the photos were not good 3) the whole momentum is gone for the pictures, i have shown everyone on the computer and don't need an album from them. the whole thing cost me £700, how do
  8. I called islington council today, the guy told me it took time for dvla to release my name to islington council hence the delay and that the pcn stood... i will appeal, even if it goes to the appeals service... this is so ridiculous
  9. Just opened my post, very surprised to even see a PCN dated 29th Jan 09, todays date is 2nd Nov 09. Is this valid? i don't even rememeber who was driving! and even if it was me, check out the picture.. surely its not worth a PCN. I am being done for '32JP Failing to drive in the direction shown by arrow on blue sign' ( i don't seen no blue sign, all i see is a bike lane in the direction i was supposed to have gone' any feedback help is appreciated, times are hard, £60 is alot of money! thanks
  10. hi, it was a one off payment for the whole year.. i wouldn't say it was a special offer, it was off the brochure.. it was one of the packages.. if i paid for the whole year - it was £590 & if i wanted to go monthly, it was £59. I went & saw the membership manager again, to be honest, he is not even sure what he is talking about, as he can't show me where it states that the money is non refundable... the worst thing is, he did not get me to sign a contract... so there is no contract.... said he will speak to the MD & get back... he has no reason to hold back the mone
  11. I need assistance, I joined Soho Gym, its been 6 days & I've realised its not for me... I now want to cancel.. but the gym is saying I can't get refund as its a special offer... Surely there is a law which states there is a cooling off period, can you help me please & give me some information. Many thanks H
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