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  1. Hi ODC, Thank you for your reply, as these were not served using the methods above would this have any bearing with my situation?
  2. Hi berro7 Just wondered if you had any news? Otherwise I hope all is going well.
  3. You have to be careful when requesting a CCA because like know where one has been pulled out of the bag from 1980's I'm stuffed! So time to rollover and wait for the SD to arrive, what joy.
  4. This is the same meaningless trash I received from Halifax, as far as I'm concerned its got nothing to do with my CCA from the 1980's which I've been told on this forum is enforceable so sitting here waiting for the SD to arrive!
  5. Sorry noomill060 didn't realise you were still having to deal with this. My barclayshark thread can wait, after all its 'all we hold' ha ha. Be lucky.
  6. So now what? have only received a large bundle of statements for my SAR that only go back to 2003 and the above letter. Any ideas anyone.
  7. Hi ODC, Please find copies of NOA and 1st credit introduction letters, I'm beginning to see this may have significant legal meaning. Your comments would be most welcome.
  8. Hi westendwendy, Sadly no it was before I discovered CAG, however I do remember thinking it was strange that the NOA was post marked Reigate, I far as I know there are no Halifax offices in Reigate. I mean just look at the Halifax logo, god knows where that came from is so wrong and crude. My personal fav is the 1st credit barcode that appears on the NOA and 1st credits Introduction letter, I guess their getting sloppy! (I've partially blocked this out but theres enough left to get the idea, it also has 1st credit unique code no. under it). Waiting on ODC for the legal stuff etc.
  9. Hi All, Here's another one, take a close look and your even see the 1st credit bar code on the NOA that proports to come from the Halifax, the logo is very crude. I've also included 1st credits 'intoduction letter' again your recognise the layout. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/180521-1st-credit-reponse-cca.html post #48 sadly it happened before I discovered CAG so haven't got the envelopes but I remember at the time thinking the NOA has come from Reigate, strange as the Halifax isn't based there!
  10. Hello ODC, This is what we received in the post (full colour):- Then at the start of the New Year we received this in the post:- Over to you ODC, hope these are OK scans.
  11. Never received anything that said 'Default notice' on it from Blair, Oliver and Scott or the Halifax. Hence wouldn't know what one looks like. just got to do a little job for ODC so back a bit later.
  12. Hello ODC, Well we got 2 scrappy bits of paper in the post in December which to us looked like a cut and paste job. I'll scan them in and post up asap in full colour (as there is none, not even the Halifax logo, all black/white).
  13. Hi lickthewalfatboy, Thank you I look forward to 'expert' help.
  14. Hi lickthewallfatboy, Thats right, these are front and back pages! this would explain why the Halifax sold this account to 1st Credit, not enforceable. Thank you so much for your input, if possible could you point me in the direction of this clause.
  15. Hi All, Getting back to the subject of enforceability of agreements, could anyone with the knowledge please take time to look at post #7 of this thread and possibly let me know what the verdict is:- Blair, Oliver & Scott Prompted into action Also if possible look at post #22 on this thread and give me the verdict:- 1st Credit Reponse to CCA request, start of a long year. As you will see I quite new to this game and not sure where I stand with these two. Many thanks for any help you can give, if you need more from me just ask.
  16. Hi emmaf01 Quite possibly, 300+ pounds was added last last year and this account goes back to the 1980's!!! Alongwith accrued interest could very easily clear the balance and more.
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