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  1. (133540 & 1682540)- the first co. no. is for Welcome which states (on companies house) that it is still 'active' - it may not offer any new loans but it is still trading. The second no. does not exist and when i look for Progressive Loans on Companies hse it says it does not exist. Anyhow, anyone out there with any more info. on Welcome Finance ???
  2. but they are still trading. They may not be issuing any new loans but I checked on Companies house the other day and they are still up and running.
  3. ...just checked and I did a Land Registry check in 2015 and it was still there. No reason why it should be gone by now if it was still there in June 2015 ?!
  4. ooooo I don't know to be honest. I'll have to pay my £3.00 and check. Cheers!! What if it is still there? You said "they had to" - who directed them to remove the charges?
  5. It's been frozen for years and we are only paying £10 per month on a £12k debt it is still secured but (luckily) we have severe negative equity as it was one of Northern Rock's fabulous 125% mortgages and the price of the property is no where near what is owed even given for inflation and (any) house price increases.
  6. it would appear that something is up at Welcome Finance I received a call the other day saying that they are willing to accept £1000 as settlement of my £12k loan which went into default in 2008. It maybe a revelation that since I am only paying £10 a month they realise that it may never get fully paid off especially since we are also in negative equity in regards to the house. BUT I think there is maybe something else happening but would ask members of this forum, etc to get digging and maybe see if Welcome are closing down, etc.
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