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  1. Hi I and many other reading this will know where your'e coming from. One thing I would say to you is do not get ill about it! REcognise the signs and take actions - don't be afraid to go to the Dr's for some medication. This is the one time you need your health. I have had what I call a fuzzy head for months - not being able to concentrate - not being able to do much but cry and think about debt and how usless I am to be here at this point - then one day I though enough is enough and off to the Dr's I went. I take v mild sleeping tablets some times - if I can't sleep and also v
  2. Hi, Hopefully this is the right place for advice - my OH has business s trader and is ticking along OK given this climate and time of year. The Over draft is quite high although not growing (25k) and the money is coming - all bills meet supplier happy -tax/vat all happy for some reason the bank lloyds has now turned around and said at the end of Feb the O/D is to be taken away. Where is any sense in that? I think that they are trying to make this into a secured loan - I do not want this full stop - obviously they can take their od back that I know how ever - surely he has the righ
  3. He Has One Secured Loan Of 23k Against House. Credit Cards Unsecured 30k I Think At Some Point About 5 Years Ago I Signed A Bank Thing At The Time I Asked If It Was Secured Aginst House - Which Was Quite Clear It Was Not - But Now I Am Thinking That It Is A Personal Guarantee. The Bank Over Draft Then Was Set At 10k Sole Trader. I Am Resigned That We Will Probably Have To Move At Some Point - If Things Don't Pick Up. But Would Hate To Loose Every Single Penny In The House. Morgagte On Payment Hols At Mo Then On Interest Only For One Year Poss If They Under Write It. Morag
  4. Please, Please is there anyone out there who has had experience of both personal and business debt - I am at a real loss and feeling so down about it. Not sure who to ask for help really - business debt line/cab, -?If we go to solicitor who can I be sure that I am not paying a load of money for nothing? This site is so good as it is run by people who have had first hand experiences - which why it works - like they say the best things are free!! It's not my debt but my husbands (married 10 years) and my real concern is the house. I am sure that he is on his way to bankcrupcy - it may not b
  5. Hi new around here - not able to sleep wonder why!! My hubbies business is having a massive cash flow problem and is on a 20k over draft which is almost all used - monies are trickling in and it could be that the bank give us another 5 until our season kicks off which is any day now. However that does not take into account suppliers who are owed 20k credit cards to the tune of 30k and personal over draft of 2.5k Bad eh! So now you can see why I don't sleep - Our house has equity in it to the tune of 85K - it is on the market as we pre empt that if the bank closes on us the
  6. So very sorry to hear about your worries - the body does horrid weird things when faced with debt!! Your o/h is totally seperate and has nothing to do with your house - which by the sounds is legally documented -therefore if everything is getting on top and he cannot afford to meet his commitments then has he as a last resort thought about bankcrupcy? This site offers lots of threads to follow to see if it is the best route - it may be the solution for you to and who knows it may be the step for you towards a healthier life style. Jalow
  7. Hi, I am new around here so hello, know how it feels when business is bad - just wish the media would shut up for a while OK so lets not hide it under neath the carpet but it just goes on and on. Oh yes and the VAT whoopee 25p saved in every £10.00 that will make everyone go out and spend!! How about reducing rates and employers NI !! Anyway enough of that thought you would love the following just to add a little light hearted humour! A man owned a small farm in Aberdeenshire. The Department of Work & Pensions thought he was not paying proper wages to his farm hands and se
  8. Hi thanks for all that support not possible to put everything down as its business debt / with a little persoanl bit personal but it rings in to the tune of 75,000 k. trying to get my head around everything at mo - one side of me says OK so here we are lets move on - don't look back be positive - now thats the person who wants to come out of this with my head intact. The other side just retreats into a black hole of life who has nothing and will never have anything. I know I have an O/H and children and a family but the dissapointment it will cause everyone is immense. Have read
  9. Hi new to here, Just thought I would pop in just feeling v low - our home is about to be sold - my oh is in debt with business and things are bad. I can't believe that we are at this point and just not sure how to get through. How do people cope? Two children also to consider where will we live how will we survive? V Sad:(
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