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  1. Thanks H, Yep - I saw that. I've indexed every 'Car Hire [problem]' google page I can find. Information is power my friend! JM
  2. ... and I'll buy the wine with cash! Thanks Raymond
  3. Thanks Buzby. I have discovered this today before your post - which is gratefully received. I have also today discovered that the guy who owns the company has just completed a three-year stretch inside for car theft and fraudulent cash transactions. Surely this changes things? Well you'd think so. When I told the police they actually had the gall to tell me that just because he is a convicted criminal doesn't make him guilty on this occasion!! And thanks for the legal definition advice. I know why you say that. But for me - legally speaking or otherwise - it's still
  4. Hi, Need advice. We've been scammed by a car hire company and we're £2,000 out of pocket. My wife recently hired me a prestige car for a milestone birthday. We had a great day – it was a wonderful surprise. And it wasn't cheap. The hire company had put her through the mill by turning up without the car she specifically requested. But she reluctantly accepted their alternative car to make sure I had a great birthday. When the car hire company came to pick the car up one of them kept me talking whilst the other inspected the car. He wanted to offer me a 50% reducti
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