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  1. Financial Services Authority have regulations covering customers from, amongst other things: not being given adequate notice about changes to a contract. unexpected or excessive charges I wrote to cahoot about this, and to the FSA about it. I suggest you all do the same!
  2. First - my apologies if this isn't relevant on this forum, I understand if it is closed but I think it might be of interest to other cahoot customers. Just recieved this email Now, having lost my job in the past year and had a few financial problems to face as a result - my credit rating could be better and i had no intention of applying for more credit until I had kept a clean sheet for a while - I would be unlikely to be accepted and dont want any superfluous credit searches against my name - I will be clear in a year. Abbey are obviously using this as a way to ditch "probl
  3. £3000:eek: Have turned down £500 offer to settle - so here we go. Taking it up in English courts so might be interesting... C
  4. HBOS plc Trinity Road Halifax HX1 2RG And good luck!!
  5. Congratulations FlyerMonkey, I'm about to raise my own action for a similar amount (through moneyclaim) when the deadline from my LBA expires on 30th. You've really steeled my resolve! Watch this space!
  6. Got the same reply - have just sent off a spreadsheet with all my charges and a request for repayment. Good luck!
  7. In the same boat. At least I have an english address though as I work here during the week. I think i might investigate this further, I have quite a large claim.
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