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  1. Really by all accounts this company has ripped off quite a few small business owners . Am I right in thinking they should have given the customer a copy of the terms and condition with in a certain time ?
  2. My Daughter got a Clover card payment system for her business a year ago . She was told the contract was for a year . After the first year she chose a different card payment system . Only to be told that she had signed with Clover until 2021 . She signed a direct debit mandate and what was told was her contract . Which was one page long . She just asked them to send her a copy of her contract , they just email her a 15 page terms and conditions which state it is indeed 4 years long. As this was her first year she is very cautious and knows she would not have sign
  3. Mobile phones direct. I have checked the package i got Is no longer available but there are plenty of similar ones.
  4. I needed a new mobile so I checked out a few suppliers I found an online company . They had an offer on an iPhone 7 for £42 and £240 cash back to be deducted From monthly bill taking the package down to £32 per month. After a couple of weeks of using the phone I got a bill from Vodafone Saying my monthly bill is £52 , so I contacted the company After a lot of emails they said that the bill is right stating that after the cash back each month it will be £42 . But I have a confirmation email setting out the final costs at £32 per month.
  5. It's a 50% shared ownership . I think it is Irwell valley , Orwell is a type o .
  6. my niece has a house that was purchased under the joint ownership scheme . Her property is half owned by Orwell valley housing She has had the house for 10 years . But it has been on the market for the last five years . She is trapped in this system .Irwell valley Won't let her sell it to anyone she wants and are making it difficult for her to move . Anyone got any advise as how to get out of this position
  7. I recently heard that the accounts where you are charged, have been declared unlawful. These accounts are the ones where you pay a set amount each month ie, £13 which gives you privileges like free mobile phone insurance, free travel insurance and free breakdown cover . I was told that they have been miss sold. because they are bigged up and are the free products are no use . Does anyone else know any more about this ?????
  8. Hello, I am having trouble with Tesco Mobile . When I got the phone in may 2012 it was ok but as time went on the signal got worse and worse. I complain to customer sevises to be told that Tesco cannot garuntee a good signal in some kinds of buildings. so I persivered with them. I complained again a few weeks later to be told the signal is fine in my area . so again a persivered and again I complained yet another few weeks later only to be told that according to my bills I have managed to make a can for 8 minutes one day and 5 minute another day. Then I wrote to the head of Tesco only to b
  9. I recieved my new sim . And still no signal . going to write a letter. I am happy to reduce my tarrif so I can at least afford to get another phone . Basically this product is not fit for the purpose it was purchased .
  10. I have a contract with Tesco mobile I am only 3 months into this contract. there network has got increasadly worse I cant get a signal about 80% of the time . I have complained and been told that they can not garentee a good signal in some types of building . My type of building is a bog standard 3 bedroom semi. I also cant get a signal when out in the street . I commplained again they said it must be the sim and they are sending me another sim. I asked it I could reduce my tariff so I could afford to get another phone they said I cant reduce my tarif for another year. so I am stuck
  11. kathb00


    They sent the required information the day after i rang them . what is the next step and what can i claim ???
  12. I am lookinf for a house to rent so I can move out of my parents house. but have discovered that my dad has a CCJ at the family home where I currently live. would this affect my chances when a credit check is done on me.
  13. Can anyone answer this question for me ????? I have been having trouble with a certain Bank nothing major but its getting irritating. There is a woman who works for this bank who i have been having trouble with. In the last couple of years i have been getting letters from the bank stating i have an unplanned overdraft when i ring up and ask about it they simply say its a computer error and sometimes when i put cash in it doesnt clear and is marked as a cheque this is happening more frequently and is causing me quite a few problems when it comes to accessing my money. Could this wo
  14. kathb00


    Didnt realise that will send a letter this afternoon and get it in writting.
  15. kathb00


    They havent supplied any documents at all. I have just phoned them and they said it takes them 56 days even after I reminded them that they have just 40 days andthey just said that someone will call me back within 48 hours.
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