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  1. Mines a Labrador, the other a Shar Pei. What do I need to prove? Clothes smelling of seaweed? loss of dignity? or that my dog was actually involved, and on a lead?
  2. Renegadeimp The other dog came to sniff bits, I suspect, but as my wife was on the ground, having slipped on wet seaweed, possibly our dog went into protection mode. Having spoken to the local police dog handler, his view was, 'Your dog on lead, other dog loose, responsibility for control lies with other dog owner, therefore they will be very lucky to get judgement in Small claims court.' Happy to compromise, I pays for cleaning wifes clothes because of smelly seaweed, and compensation for loss of dignity, and he pays his own vets bill, and puts his dog on a lead if it will not ob
  3. The proof is only the vets bill. If one takes your version of Under control as being on a lead and muzzled, why do the police or dog wardens not take action against every dog owner who fails to muzzle their dog? And why is a dog on a lead not considered more 'under control' than one running free?
  4. My wife took our Labrador out for a walk on the beach. He was on his lead. Another dog came towards my wife, and because my wife was walking on seaweed she slipped when he pulled. She did not let go of the lead. The two dogs had a coming together, which resulted in the other dog getting bitten. The owner has now present me with a bill. While I agree that my dog was the cause of the injury, he was at all time on the end of short lead (3 foot long) which my wife still had hold of, whilst the other dog was running free. Why should I be responsible for the other owner not having his dog und
  5. I put a complaint in against NatWest in Feb. I have a letter from then dated 23rd Feb saying a case manager has been assigned and my complaint will be investigated. Today 31st may, I am told that all complaints are dealt within in date order, and I have yet to be assigned a complaint handler, and they hope to respond within 4 weeks. (Some 14 weeks since I first complained!!) The member of staff I spoke to did advise me I have the right to go to the FOS. So my suggestion to you is SAR the documemts NatWest have, and then get onto the FOS, as all the time you wait for Nat West to ex
  6. Okay. Opus offered £434 for charges (six years worth) plus £115 interest - calculated @ 8.% Using spreadsheet I found on this site, the interest at 34.5% would be £920. What would the FOS offer?
  7. Hi Would I get a better settlement from the Finacial Ombusman than the offer made by Citi/Opus?
  8. Hi Following my prelim letter, I recieved a very generous, full and final offer of less than £60!! Not bad when the prelim letter caim was for £2600!!! It is, after considerable soul searching and thought, I feel the need to reject this very generous offer!!! LBA now in the post. Brian
  9. Hi Yes, please mark as completed, not sure it can be consider as 'won', as I grabbed the money and ran!! Should have stuck with it and screwed them! Brian
  10. Hi Yes. Evrything came back within the 40 days. Copy of original contract, but made up T&C's. Prelim letter was responded to with a silly offer, which was rejected.Then revised offer of about b75% was made, and I accepted that. Brian
  11. Hi The spreadsheet is password protected, or is it just me being silly? Forget - me being silly. Copied and pasted to new sheet, can now edit. Its my age!!! Brian
  12. Hi ims, I though that claims had been ruled out for sums older than six years following your own case. Is this not the case? Some advice or direction would be appreciated. Brian
  13. Hi initial response was to send me printout of transactions since the transfer of the account ro Opus. When I complained, i got a second set of these documents!! Subsequently I recieved documents from Citi back to 2005. I had a significant number of invoices anyway dating back to 2002. In the SAR I did not get a copy of my contract or terms of agreement so I sent them £1 under section 77/78 as per the template letter. Today I rang and was told they have no contract, and will confrm this in writing, plus organise a refund of £1!! My claim would be all for late payments plus res
  14. Hi Opus today have told me, and will confirm in writing, that they do not have a copy of my agreement with them or the original company. Where does this put me? Do I do a lba, and epect an offer, do they fight all the way to the courts, or is the lack of an agreement now void? What about charges over 6 years old, are they claimable? Brian
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