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  1. I'm in the same position, got into debt years ago with Natwest, who sold the debt on and ended up with ccj about 11 years ago, from H & L solicitors. Today my monthly payment has been returned by their bank, so i did research and found they had ceased trading in December, so now i'm clue less, have no paperwork, received no mail regarding debt, i haven't moved, i cannot pay as bank returns payment. What next?
  2. help please....long story cut short...... I had a vanquis card, however due to being off work for 18 months with PTSD they have taken me to court (shoosmiths) they were awarded a CCJ of £1 p.m however they were not happy with this and had it overturned, they are now applying for a charging order, not too bad I thought but as I have been ill so long I have debts on mortgage and secured loan not to mention various others. I have requested a copy of my CCA but they sent me what I believe is a made up application, it says online application at the top, and a number of boxes are empty like my occupation, postcodes etc. The annual salary is nowhere near what I was earning. and there is no signature, will this copy suffice or do they have to produce a signed copy?
  3. Hi I have have just taken a loan out with advantage finance company to purchase a car, however I was told that they would provide a free years suscription to experian at no cost. I have discovered they have charged me over three hundred pounds for this, added of course to the loan, but was told on the phone that i had to take the subscription to show I intended to take steps to improve my credit rating, is this legal, and can i get my money back...sounds like a new ppi type [problem] for comission?
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