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  1. Hi, Thanks for your reply. The default was entered in 2003 so came off last year(6years). The only thing that was showing was the ccj entered in default, but that too has now come off due to being set aside. Thanks
  2. http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee200/walkaboutcreek/MORGAN1.jpg
  3. Hi Guy's. After my letter to Morgan Solicitors, yesterday i received the attached. If i sign, does this mean the end of it? Thanks BTK
  4. Hi Guy's, Getting a bit hot in here! Thanks for all your replies, most useful. I have sent a letter to Morgans requesting that they also remove adverse notes and assurance that the "account" will not be sold on. I wait for their reply. To tell you the truth i am a little confused with some of the replies. To be honest im not too bothered regarding costs as i havent really made a note of what they might be, wouldnt know where to start? My main concer is that the judgment entered in default has obviously seriously affected my credit rating (Car finance at 46%!, declined a mort
  5. Hi Guy's. I have had a saga going on with Cabot for the past couple of years. Basically a ccj was entered against me by default, then a hearing was scheduled and it was set aside in September 10. I then received an assignment application, a subsequent hearing was scheduled for January 11. The Judge ordered not no late than 7 days prior to the hearing Cabot had to provide ORIGINAL signed agreements for the account in question. Today i recevied a letter from Morgan Solicitors saying: "We have reveiwed the matter and are proposing, on a commercial basis, that the claim be dismissed and
  6. Hi, thanks for the response. I thought that about the solicitor. As with regards to the judge, i appreciate your comment. However, Cabot have yet to respond to my cca request under section 78. Without their response surely they are not entitled to go to the courts, and surely the courts has an obligation not to hear the case? I think i read something on here regarding this. It just i have received an allocation questionaire and they have asked for info i deem might affect the case. Is it worth even defending? Thanks, BTK
  7. Hi Guy's. I recently had a hearing to have a judgement set aside (Cabot), which it was due to not being served correctly. However, a couple of interesting points were raised: 1 The solicitor acting on behalf of Cabot informed me that a CCJ was not infact enforcing a non enforceable agreement. If they tried to enforce the CCJ, then that would be enforcement??? 2. The Judge hearing the case, after setting aside the judgement, informed me not to rely on "the popular belief that if a creditor doesnt produce documents requested under CCA1974 that you will win". Im a little confused
  8. Hi All, just an update. My hearing is now scheduled for September 17th. I wrote to Morgans requesting proof of payments as i do not believe there ever were any. They have come back today stating that under cpr 18 the claimant has requested bank/credit card statements from may 2000- may 2006. Firstly, why should i provide them with details so that they can make up payments using provided account details and secondly i dont have anything as it was old accounts that i no longer have. I want to get a reply off to them today if possible, does anyone have any guidence/advice or suggestions?
  9. Hi, It was a couple of years ago now so not sure. I will have a look and if i can find i will post up BTK
  10. Interesting post. I too am due in court against Cabot/ Morgans for a CC account so will be following with eagerness! I think your case may be at a slightly later stage than mine but incase you want to see the tactics used in my case feel free: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/269386-hearing-scheduled-have-ccj.html Good luck BTK
  11. Hi, Not to put my nose in but i had a similar situation with "Glide". I too was on an "unlimited" plan and after leaving the property was told it was not unlimited at all and my final bill stood at £400! I argued for a while but eventually paid as they some how always manage to come up with the figure quoting this period and that charge. Mine never actually got to the court stage. However, after a couple of months it still bugged me so i wrote asking them to provide a copy of an agreement and a statement of account showing charges and payments. I never received what i'd asked f
  12. Just an update. I sent our friends at Capquest basically outlining that neither themselves or the OC had furnished me with an agreement and to go away. I received a letter this morning saying the account was on hold for 28 days while they obtain the information required. They also go on to ask if i had any proof or paperwork that may help them would i be kind enough to forward it to them! Ofcourse Mr Capquest i will send it right away! If they have supposedly served a SD are they now able to double back and place on hold as though a SD was never mentioned? BTK
  13. Thanks again RMW. I know what you mean about DN! As for NOA is there anything i can do about that? If i ask for one are they likely to only provide me with another representation? How does not providing one affect the case? Thanks
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