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  1. Hi Nicholas I know exactly the situation you're in as I've been there myself. It is a truly terrifying experience to have these thugs turn up on your doorstep. Especially if said thugs totally misrepresent their powers, which is what is happening with the Equita bailiff. If they have never entered your home and you have never signed a Walking Possession Agreement (you didn't sign anything did you?) then they are totally out of order in saying they can force entry to your home and take what they want. Do not, ever, allow a bailiff into your home. Avoid even talking to them. Youmay be legally obliged to pay your council tax debt but you are NOT obliged to speak to a bailiff. Try not to panic, I know it's difficult, but the bailiffs really have very little power, if you refuse to deal with them then they have no option than to send the debt back to the council. But, I'm not an expert and there are plenty on this site who are, and who can help you. Stick in there, it'll be fine. Honestly. I didn't believe that at first either but reading posts on this site will give you the knowledge you need to deal with this situation. You just need to know your rights, something the bailiffs would rather we stayed ignorant of. All the best Eliza
  2. Thank you all for your support and advice. I'll keep you updated as to what happens next. No bailiffs have shown up so far, despite their threat to come with a van in 24 hours. Can't help thinking that this is all so unnecessary...terrorising people for a few quid.
  3. Hi Hallowitch I've had a response to my complaint but not to the letter you helped me with. THe Head of Revenues from the council rang me at home and asked "couldn't we sort this out on the phone instead of writing back and fore?"..I responded that although I was happy to talk I still require a WRITTEN response.
  4. Hi dx, are you absolutely certain the levy/WPA is invalid at the new address?? I questioned this with the Head of Revenues & Collection at council and he said the address is "irrelevant" (really seems to like that word!) as my hubby signed the WPA it's "valid at any address where we reside"..now this sounds like another load of old you-know-what to me. Not only do the bailiffs misrepresent their powers but the council are at it as well/
  5. Hey Hallowitch, No the Head of Revenues skirted that issue...kept changing the subject when I brought it up.
  6. I should also point out that this same person accepted an offer of payment to be made weekly direct to the council using online banking and yet I STILL received the bailiffs letter threatening to remove goods tomorrow!
  7. Hello All My OH signed a WPA in August 2008 at our previous address. The bailiff didn't gain entry and levied on a hired car in the driveway. Nothing other than the car was levied. I have made a complaint to the council as the bailiff has been threatening to come and force entry using a locksmith. The head of revenues/collections at the council spoke to me and said the fact that a hired car was levied is "irrelevant" and that the WPA is valid because my OH signed it! Hallowitch has helped me a lot and I thought I knew my rights after all the reading I've done on this site and the help the caggers have given me. However, I was totally bamboozled by the Head of Revenue's statement that it was irrelevant what was levied as the debtor's signature is all that is needed for the WPA to be valid!! Is it just me or is that a load of b*****ks! I feel I'm going around in circles here. Oh and another thing...I read somewhere (but can't remember where..or even if I flippin dreamt it) that a WPA is only valid for 6 months. Does anyone know if this is the case? Also, the bailiff levied on a brand new car (hired) worth approx £13k for a debt of £400!! Surely it's illegal for a bailiff to levy upon goods which are obviously valued at an amount far in excess of the debt? Thanks in advance for any replies x
  8. ?? What are "tatties poached eggs"?? Tatties is just another word for spuds/potatoes in Scotland, where I lived for many years. Chips are made from tatties too! lol Do you perhaps think that tatties means mashed potatoes?? This is so off topic it's ridiculous but it's keeping my mind occupied at least! lol
  9. Hallowitch, thank you so much for your help. It really is appreciated. I tweaked the letter you put together and have emailed and posted it this afternoon and will let you know the outcome.
  10. Aaargh, PLEASE stop going on about bacon!!! lol...I can smell it now and there isn't even any bacon cooking! I do, occasionally, (I know this sounds gross but plenty of my veggie pals do it too) have a smokey bacon flavoured crisp butty...just to stave the cravings. It's not quite the same though. The fake bacon you get in the supermarkets tatstes just the same as the crisps. Now enough...I'm really getting off topic now!! hehe
  11. LOL..thanks for that Jimmy, you made me smile, which is an unusual occurrence these days I'm with you on that one with regard to eating nothing with eyes except tatties!!.
  12. Treat us like human beings? Now there would be a novel experience. My hubby has his appointment with the specialist at 5.30pm Thursday this week. We'll find out if the cancer is back. It's all I can think about at the moment. Wish us luck. Thank you for all your support, I think I'd have gone loopy (my hubby would say I already am) without this site and the great advice. E
  13. HiJimmy Thanks for your support. I have indeed thought about going to MP, press etc. I'm not particularly keen on the idea of having my affairs in the public domain and this is what has stopped me so far. BUT, I hear of this happening more and more and I do believe if no-one speaks out against such unjust and bullying behaviour then this will be seen as acceptance of it. And that can't happen. The hot potato may be about to land.
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