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  1. Thanx The Chez much appreciated
  2. about 10 years ago i ended up having an emergency ceasarean section to "save my life and son`s". I had a problem free pregnancy and when my waters broke i went to May day hospital in croydon. i was admitted and did not make any progress in terms of dialating i was not commenced on anything to induce the birth..36 hours later i developed a temperature and my baby was in distress and had to have the section to save us both. there were whispers about how i should not have been left for so long without intervention as my waters had broke that long ago. Our son was born and had to be rescucitated....we almost lost him...2 years down the line we had a child who was not speaking and questions were asked about his birth. many investigations were done the MRI scan which would have shown damage from lack of oxygen at birth came back negative. We now have a 10 year old who has severe developmental delay, learning disabilities, behavioural problems and needs one to one care and support. Now i have found out about similiar cases at the hospital in question and was wondering if the circumstances surrounding my sons birth could have caused his problems. I am not trying to find someone to blame for what could have been an act of God or bad luck. how do i go about finding some answers? i have heard negligence cases are not easy to prove...any ideas, suggestions or comments are welcomed.... thank you
  3. hie all I got a contract phone with 3 in Sept..and had problems with reception from day 1 and dont get me started on their poor customer service. My major problem is i sent my hadset for repairs as the menu key would not work but the handset i got back has a huge dent and is damaged beyond repair. They claim they received the handset in that state. Im suspecting the courier but they won`t listen. Any advise would be appreciated. thanx
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