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  1. Hi everyone, Not been on here for a long time, had to have yet another surgery which sidetracked everything i did so far. I have today, what a surprise, received yet another letter (dated 4th April) stating that they have NOW closed my account and i should cut my card up and send it back to them, blah blah blah. I thought they closed it already a while ago (according to them??). It also gives me 7 days from date of letter to remedy to prevent this account being passed on for further steps to recover the full amount. Date of letter as stated above was 4th April, letter
  2. I paid it to the bank details it gives you on the back of the statements. So i assume (hope) this is right. I think i will send them another message just to confirm those details. Thinking of it..it's not the first time this happened when paying by online banking. Somehow they always missed my payments out. And i had to send them a message when i noticed it hadn't been credited. I used the sortcode /acct nr as stated on statements and also the card/acctn nr as reference.
  3. It's Jan 2013 now and i'm still waiting on a reply from Creation. I have however received threatening letters as usual and also a letter stating that they are very disappointed to see that i chose to not make the agreed minimum payment of £*.** by 6th Jan. Mmmh...what agreed payment?? I wouldn't know since i never received a reply to my request?! However, i still had sent a payment of £50 (to keep my side of promise) via Online Banking on the 2nd Jan, which as of today (14th Jan) still has yet to be credited to the said account???? Also, they have now removed the option for
  4. Yay, it's Jan 2013. Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year! I'm being inundated with Phone calls from CapQuest now, even to my mobile! God knows where they get my mob nr from. But i suppose they can do what they want. I'm just waiting for Jan to finish and i will send the Statute barred letter off.....and then just hope that i'm right with that. lol. Don't want them to come back to me with any surprises. jellybabe
  5. Hello again, Thanks for that. I have just had a look through my started threads as i had a feeling i went after the charges with Shop Direct in the past. In my littlewoods thread my last post was 2008, so i assume that's when i stopped writing to them and it got passed on. Because i went for the charges refund i assume that counts as acknowledgement. So i guess i have another year of waiting at the least :/ I have to try and get all my paperwork out again and have doublecheck on what i did back then.
  6. Oh thanks so much! That would be great! I was always under the impression that if you write to the original creditor for whatever reason,it would mean you acknowledge something. And therefore the time starts again. But if this really sb's in Jan, then i will deff hold back with everything. Is there any way to find out that it is sb'd in Jan for sure? Thanks so much for all the advise so far from all of you. It is much appreciated! jellybabe
  7. Right, i have just checked my credit file just in case. There is nothing on there no more from Shop Direct (i know it shouldn't have been defaulted by both, but thought i check just in case anyway). All i have is the file from Capquest stating the date above as default date, and the paperwork they sent me today from Shop Direct that the last payment was in Jan 2007. Which one is the important date for me now? Bearing in mind that we played letter ping pong with shop direct for quite some time after 2007. I'm hoping that this will be statute barred in Jan 2013 (fingers crossed
  8. Hi 42man, According to Capquest it's Shop Direct that forwarded the details of statement and that the account defaulted in 2010, even though they state that the last payment was in 2007. I'm totally confused now.
  9. Ok, that would be good then, because on the account activity sheet they sent me today it states the summary of transactions during the last 3 years.....and my last payment on the account is actually stated as Jan 2007. But what's a bit confusing me now is that the account didn't default until April 2010? But i'm not sure about letters. I obviously had contacted Shop Direct right until 2010 i think, regarding the CCA and charges etc.
  10. Does that count from when i stopped conversation with Capquest or the original account? Capquest i contacted last in March 2012, that would mean i still have 5 1/2 years to go :/
  11. Thanks debt4get, I'd rather forget them than anything else, i'm just scared they will file a claim again. It was very scary having to go into court and actually fighting for your right.
  12. Hi CitizenB, Thanks for your reply. Will report them again and also send a letter to them as advised. Not sure on the CCA, i'm still very confused with those things. They sent me a copy of a letter Shop Direct sent me in Aug 2010 (in reply to my original request), on the back of that they have printed out the flexible account-credit agreement. I filled it in 2004. It's got my signature and date on it. It's got details on the bottom about APR etc. The usual stuff. On a seperate page there is further t&c's.
  13. oh yes, they also apologised for only just getting back to me??? Apparently there was some kind of administrative error....yeah right, is that the excuse they come up with for sending the CCA many many months late after i requested it?
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