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  1. Ok I will ask her to send a SAR request to Egg (assume that's the Derby address), as far as I know she was / is not getting any statements etc. The only correspondence to date I am aware of is a reply to her offer for a reduced settlement last year with the outstanding amount and this Eversheds letter also with the outstanding amount.
  2. The solicitor got us to check the Land registry and sure enough the CO was there. What I am wondering is there an opportunity to gain agreement from Barclayshark for a full and final (at the rate refused by Egg/Direct Legal last year) then present that to the court to have the CCJ satisfied and finally the CO removed, so she can move on?
  3. Back in 2010 After consulting a solicitor my friend was advised that there was no clear grounds for having the judgemnent set aside so she continued to pay the £50 per month, last year she contacted direct legal to ask if they would accept partial payment in full and final settlement and they refused as they said they had a CO so would want the full amount, she carried on making the monthly £50 payments. Last week I ran into her again and she told me that had received a letter from Eversheds advising that the debt had been passed to Barclayshark and that she must now pay
  4. Thanks for that found it, I'll ask her to take a seat in Liverpool Cathedral then ;-) Can anyone tell me from the documents posted if contractual or statutory interest can / is likely to be added to this judgment? As she has had no communications in 4 years but has continued to make monthly payments she doesn't know what the current balance is. A credit report didn't even show up an egg account only the CCJ. She may also be in a position to make an offer of Full & Final settlement if the amount is sufficiently low (I think it outrageous that they added 4.5k to the orginal 4k debt
  5. Ok thanks. I didn,t expect it would be easy. Once we see the results of the SARs we will know if it is possible I guess. She is not a confident person do you know of any NW based solicitors that would represent her if she or doesn' feel she can do it herself? In the meantime I will read the links you sent.
  6. Thanks that is positive news. I will look through some other threads for details how to start the proceedings if when / we get the info back from Egg and Direct Legal & Collections who she is paying the money to!
  7. Thanks everyone for your time on this! I could not find a DN in the file she has kept when I looked hence the SAR to EGG. She has just emailed me the judgement I have loaded it here Here is the Interim Order Here is the Final order Original POC Am I correct in thinking that if the CCJ is set aside teh charging order would be removed also?
  8. Thanks for the quick reply! She definatley did not attend any of the courts? Does that mean there is a possibility she could apply for a set aside? I assume you mean the CCJ, I will ask her for a copy. There appears to have been around £4.5k in "fees and interest" added to her credit card balance from Egg passing it to Applins. She sent off a SAR to Egg yesterday, I will ask her to do the same for whoever it is she is paying now, she didn't say who that was. Should she be getting statments etc?
  9. I was talking yesterday to an old friend of mine she had a CCJ for over £8k (Her egg card limit was around £4k she said) made against her in July 2006 at Northampton , this was by Default, there was an interim charging order made against her & her husbands property 20 days later and a final charging order made in mid September 2006. She says she never challenged anything at any point in the court process, she didnt know how or even if she could, although she remembers completing an expediture form for the court and she was ordered to pay £50 per month. She
  10. Thanks I will probably go with Egg as I have serveral accts with them across various DCA's. I am interested in the PPI info so I guess it will be Egg that will have that. Many thanks for your time, scales tipped!
  11. Does anyone know if I wanted to issue a SAR do I send it to the DCA or Egg or Both? Many thanks to all for your help on this!
  12. Ideally I would like to get the PPI back as I really would never have taken it out if I had realised it was added at the time! What is teh best way to reclaim this as I have stopped making payments on the account at the moment? I saw another thread that said the PPI and Loan amounts should be show sepereately ie multiple agreement does anyone know if this is the case here?
  13. Hi all, I have received a response to a CCA request I sent to the Fredricksons regarding one of my EGG accounts this is for a LOAN. Firstly is this a valid CCA? I read somewhere on here about multiple agreements but it was over my head so I am not sure if I am barking up the wrong tree! I didn't realise untlil I received this CCA that PPI had been added to the loan! Can I reclaim this PPI back? I honestly do not remember asking for it or ticking a box on the internet application and I am sure I would not have done knowingly as I have been Self Employed effectively for the last 2
  14. Many Thanks I will get this off to them 1st thing in the morning! Much Appreciated. Lfcweb
  15. I recieved the following reply from Barclaycard a couple of weeks ago but I have been so ill over the last few weeks through all this I have not been able to do anything until now. I would be very grateful if someone more experience could read and advise what I should do now, apparently I need to quote "comprehensive legal and documentary evidence" if I further question Barclaycards compliance with the law (Page 3)! Many Thanks in advance for your help and assistance
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