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  1. Hi everyone Thank you for all the above advice...it is really reassuring that you guys are supporting the instinct I have in my gut! 8 months on, I have now received another letter from AS Securi-T Ltd! It states that in the absence of any payment in regard to the outstanding debt, the full amount of £174 is now due! If this remains unpaid after 23 September 2009, Jon Tutte, Litigation Manager will register the debt and costs with Northampton County Court. I intend to ignore this letter. However, I would appreciate hearing what any of you think about it. Are they now just cr
  2. You were right....I have today received this exact letter. I intend to ignore it though!!!
  3. Thanks for that - it's reassuring. I am just going to wait and see then...I will come back to you guys if I am unsure again! Thanks again!
  4. Hi there I wonder if anyone can offer me some advice? I have had a quick browse of the forums but notice that the 'template letters' section of the site advises that you do not make the first contact with the private parking company. I wish I had seen this before.... I am a student (very very poor!) and I parked in Staples car park, Bristol, managed by A S Securi-T Ltd. I needed to return a DVD player to town, so that I had money to then spend in Staples...yes, the funds are that low! On returning to Staples, I went straight to the store, to purchase a lens cleaner (I have th
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