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  1. You guy's really are the business, thanks ever so much, I'll be able to sleep tonight. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for your help, I'll keep you posted.
  3. Hi Thanks for the response, from memory the bill was back 8 or 9 years ago, I have a heart condition and I am just clearing the decks and don't want to leave any problems for my family, I'm 65 if that has any bearing.
  4. I submitted a cca request a week ago and received this response. We refer to your recent correspondence. In response, this balance relates to a utility account and as such is exempt from part v of the consumer credit act 1974, No copy agreement is available on your account. Please find returned your 1pound. We confirm that this debt relates to you british gas bill for electric supply to your current address. The billing period started on the 4th july 2006 and ended on the 23rd october 2006. We trust this resolves your query and we now require your proposals for payment within th
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