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  1. This is what I've done a couple of times.. it might not work for you, but did for me. Your council probably has a council tax enquiries office. Take some time out and go to see them. Sit down, talk about it, look upset over the whole matter and plead ignorance/stupidity/insanity, or whatever it takes to make the person you talk to feel a bit more sorry for you. Say you're happy to pay, but you're not sure how much you actually owe the council and the bailiffs seem to have put loads of fees on top. You could even go so far as saying that you've been scared by the bailiff and now can't sleep at night, but unless that's true it's pushing it a bit If the plan works, the nice person will make a call to the bailiffs, call them off, and let you pay whatever you owe plus the court costs - maybe over installments. If this happens, at this point thank the person very much, be very grateful, and make sure you keep to whatever payment plan you've proposed (I'd suggest offering to pay it all off in one go if you can). As I said it's worked for me a couple of times - can't guarantee you'll get the same result, but worth a try. Also, if it does work, and the bailiff then appears, ask them nicely to leave. Mine got quite upset once about it, which ended up with me calling the police out to sort it out (who incidently were very nice about it, and used some interesting words including '****' to describe the bailiff). Hope that helps..
  2. Hi, Sent an SAR to a bank on 25th May, they replied on 8th June (got it on Sat) saying they needed more money (ok so I only sent £2, so far it's worked for me in a couple of cases). I seem to remember that the 40 days only starts on receipt of correct payment and SAR, however.. What's a reasonable time period to allow for the recipient of the SAR to flag a problem? IMHO two weeks is just an excuse to stall the process - in fact they actually said in their letter '... the information will be provided within 40 days of receipt of my cheque' (referring to the £10)
  3. Oh dear me. OK, letter time it is then! Make sure you send it at least recorded delivery.. you could also put in there details of your phone conversation, naming and shaming, and suggesting that maybe they could train their staff better too as he obviously does not understand the DPA and has now put the bank in a rather messy legal situation now.
  4. It did go awfully quick, from judgement to property charge was a matter of weeks. No debt collectors, no request for payment, nothing. Yep, going to do that too. Interestingly enough the CCJ still remains on my Equifax and Experian files, and is not marked as 'satisfied' even though it was paid in November last year. I have written to their solicitors asking for it to be sorted, but no response yet. Yes I know I can get a certificate of satisfaction for £15, but first I need proof it was paid, and besides - why should I pay the £15?
  5. What a silly thing for them to do.. as thecornflake said write back to them and say that as you've paid the statuatory maximum of £10 under the Data Protection Act 1988 they are now obliged to provide *all* information requested within 40 days of the date of your letter, and failure to do so will result in action being taken to remedy that breach. Whether that information means they have to send you statements is their problem, not yours. HSBC said they'd do mine for free, although quite what they did with the DPA money remains a mystery
  6. Bit of a long shot this, but bear with me. Last year Egg applied for and got a CCJ against me for an alleged £16k or so debt on a credit card account. I was having a bit of a nightmare in my personal life at the time with other stuff, so missed the deadline for entering a defence. Then the sneaky sods went off and without warning got a temporary charge on my property, which then turned into a full charge. Therefore when I sold the place in November last year I had to pay them out of the proceeds of the sale before it would complete. Can anyone advise on the process for overturning that CCJ and re-opening the case? Or should I just merrily go ahead and sue them for the amount, based on the fact I believe they cannot provide a copy of the original Consumer Credit Act agreement and their actions forced me into paying up without admitting liability. Call me greedy, but if you don't ask..
  7. What I think they're saying is that they're excluding the interest charged when you've been overdrawn. However I might be wrong..
  8. Ah cool, cheers! There was me thinking they'd taken the time to write to me especially.. tsk
  9. Just got a reply to my DPA request letter from HSBC. Statements coming shortly, charges waived, yada yada yada.. but then it says: 'Although many of our systems are automated a "manual intervention" by HSBC staff may be required in a variety of situations including; account opening, dealing with correspondence or telephone calls, when deposits or withdrawals are made over the counter at our branches or from time to time during account administration' To me, that sounds like they are confirming manual intervention does take place. Wonder if they're going to provide details? They haven't said they can't..
  10. Silly me, I knew I should have looked on the Interweb first From Birmingham Midshires website.. "Vacating Fee: £150 This fee covers the administration work involved in closing your mortgage account and processing any legal and title documentation when you redeem your mortgage. The amount will be included in your final settlement figure. Please note - we will not charge this fee for customers whose mortgage term has come to an end or who are completing a new mortgage with us." So not content with an early repayment charge of £4,388.36 they want another £150.. hmm
  11. Absolutely no idea. Just says 'Vacating fee: £150.00'. Reckon we've just discovered a new stealth charge?
  12. Wow, I nearly fell off the chair when I saw this thread! I sold my house last November, and amongst other figures on the redemption statement I had £56.44 late payment interest charged, £462.75 'miscellaneous fees', £150.00 vacating fee, and a £4,388.36 early repayment charge. Already served a DPA request on them a few weeks back and it's been delivered, so just waiting for their reply.. however in the meantime, anyone fancy a guess on whether I'd be able to get back any of this? Quite happy to donate 5% to the forums if I win, would be 10% but I need the cash
  13. It's for early redemption isn't it? Surely you can see the value for money there? Maybe we need a separate 'sue your mortgage company' sub-forum or something..
  14. Early repayment charge, apparently. Nope, I still don't get it. Think it's time to write a little letter..
  15. Ah ok, thought you meant their heavies knocking on the door and stamping on your flowerbed? I'd go for it if I was you.. afaik they have to prove that the redemption charge is an actual loss that they sustained by you paying off the debt early. If you can get hold of a copy of your redemption statement that would be fab, as you might find some 'other' charges on there - like this mystical 'vacating fee' I have on mine.
  16. If you sold, the account is settled, and all is fine and dandy - ie you don't owe them any money - then I can't imagine there'd be any comeback..? Address-wise, I've got: Birmingham Midshires PO Box 81 Pendeford Business Park Wobaston Road Wolverhampton WV9 5HZ
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