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  1. Hello, I am having a bit of a problem, I ordered a sofa with DFS on credit buy now start monthly instalments a year later, I needed a sofa because I moved into my first home and didn't have one but a week later I got offered a set of sofas for free which I took, I phoned DFS to cancel the sofa who looked into it and got back to me saying that the factory have started building the sofa and it's going to get delivered to the store so I can't cancel, is there anyway I can get out of this? I haven't signed the direct debit form or the credit check one, can they force me to take it and force me to pay the full amount if I refuse delivery? Thanks, James
  2. Sorry, do you know if TEC will pass my new address onto the council?
  3. Hi I have a problem! My dad borrowed my car last april to go to work, parked it thought that the meter was broken and went off. He then saw he got a ticket went to appeal it and found out the meter wasn't broken it just didn't turn on until 9AM he explained this and the council told him to write a letter which he didn't get round to doing. This all happened around the time we moved house. I wasn't aware of any of this until late december when I got a bailiff letter through my door asking for £321 I phoned the bailiffs asking if i could pay in installments they said I'll nedd to write a letter or email so I wrote a email I also wrote a email to the couincil explaining what happened. I heard nothing until a bailiff came to my house saying they would come round in 24 hours a week later, after this I phoned the bailiff company asking why this had happened after i asked to pay in installments the guy on the phone said they didn't get my email and I should resend which I did, phoned them back the day after to make sure they had got it which they had and they said they will need my income and expendeture to see if this was acceptable. After this i phoned the council where we realised that they had responded to my email by sending a letter but to my old address so when I moved house they must of traced me just as the DVLA where switching it over and the bailiffs tracked me down seperatley. the council told me to file a out of time stat dec which I did two days ago. yesterday the bailiffs sent me another letter with itemised billing of what they're charging me. I was wondering what happens with a out of time stat dec, if the bailiffs are on hold right now, and how long it takes to process? Thanks in advance! James
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