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  1. Good news! Got no reply for CCA after 30 days, used this and Statute Barred as my defence, they withdrew their claim. I went to court anyway and the judge confirmed it was settled. Anyone else out there going through this stick with it!!
  2. Hi I have sent a postal order and requested CCA should i wait for it to come before trying to get it statute barred or just go for the statute barred as time is running out
  3. yes but i still have a court date how do i prove it!
  4. does anyone have a copy of a cca letter also do i request this from 1st credit or from the solicitor that has sent the bankruptcy demand
  5. should I cca them or is this too late now or incriminating
  6. I have just received a bankruptcy petiton through the post saying I need to complete form 6.19 specifiying the grounds on which I object to the making of a bankruptcy order! The court date is of 18 March! can anyone help with where I can get the form and what I should put as the grounds
  7. some good news just rang pheonix and they have agreed to post the documents and not come round tomorrow to my house
  8. Loan agreement in my husbands name statutory demand addressed to me Can't recall exactly the date last payment made my husband thinks it was about 8 years ago to the halifax letter addressed to me
  9. I have googled Phoenix on the web and they appear to be an insurance company, the letter says if I fail to attend the above appointment an application will be made to the court for an order of substituted service of the said bankruptcy petition by way of ADVERTISEMENT IN THE DAILY PRESS or in such a manner as the court may direct. What does this mean exactly! Will my bankruptcy be advertised for all to see!
  10. Thanks cymruambyth I have removed the references. Another piece of information I would like to add is they refused to let me speak to Mr Silcock saying that he doesn't take calls he just files the bankrupcy orders. Can anyone advise is it legal for them to refuse to talk to my husband about this as this was his debt not mine, whenever they have phoned in the past and my husband has gone on the phone they refuse to speak to him and hang up, because they are very intimidating with me on the phone and have scared me I have changed my telephone number and gone ex directory so they can no longer contact me. I didn't apply to have the stat demand set aside because I cannot afford a solicitor. Have they breached dpa at all by disclosing my husbands debt to me? Can someone please advise urgently what I should do about the appointment on monday, I am more scared of the man that will be coming to see me than I am about going to court, I don't like any kind of confrontation, if he is simply going to hand me a letter and go that would be okay but from my past experiences with them I don't think it will be that simple. My husband is saying that he will wait outside the house for him and refuse to let them in or speak to me and insist they deal with him can he do that, I am getting really scared that there is going to be a huge confrontation outside my house on monday. I think the reason they are pursuing me is because it is easier to bully a woman in her fifties than a man. To be honest if I had the money I would just give to them and get it over with.
  11. Hi Thank you for your replies. The debt was orignally a car loan agreement financed by the Halifax that my husband took out, it was taken out more than 6 years ago and was unsecured, we have not made a payment for about 8 years. they have never tried to contact my husband at all by letter or phone he still lives with me. I have only dealt with them on the phone and I haven't put anything in writing. When they first made contact with me I told them the debt was my husbands and not mine but they have said that because we are joint owners of the property they can pursue me for the money. When they sent the statutory demand because it scared me I rang them to see if I could set up a payment plan because I am worried about losing my property, they flatly refused saying unless I make the full payment I will definately lose my property. I haven't received any legal documents except the stat demand which I have scanned for you no other documents were included or letters. I have scanned the letter from Phoenix for you. I have not CCA'd them yet. What should I do about the appointment on Monday, I definately wont be home so should I ring and make another appointment to buy some time or just ignore it. Thanks for any help you can give me I am at my wits end! Pheonix.doc Stat demand.doc
  12. Hi I have received several calls from this company and letters asking for a dept to be paid that is over 6 years old, the debt was taken out in my husbands name but they are saying as a joint house holder they can pursue me for the debt. I asked if I could set up a payment plan and they refused saying they will be making me bankrupt and I will lose my house, the debt is for 2K. I then received a statutory demand through the post This was dated 06/11/08. Today I have received a letter from a company call phoenic claims consultants saying they have been directed to serve me with a Bankruptcy order dated 30 December issued under the insolvency act and issued by 1st credit and that they want to attend at my home on 19 January at 09.30 for the purpose of serving the bankruptcy petition and that if I fail to attend the appointment an application will be made to the court for an order of substituted service by way of advertisement in the daily press. Can anyone advise what I should do.
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