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  1. it is your responsability to clearly display your permit and baywatch will have a contract to prove it what you should have done is got in touch with baywatch straight away and explained what had happend now i think you will be liable for the cost of the fine what you could do is ring the collection agency and talk to them again explain what had happend failing that talk to baywatch again but most of all BE CALM bottom line is because you didnt get in touch with in the 10 days you dont legaly have a leg to stand on dont ignore it because they will take you to court for it eventually and a
  2. when parking on private property you are entering into a legaly binding contract PROVIDING there is signage worded correctly stating so... Also there must be sufficiant signage not just a small sign by the pay machine but signs all over the car park,if you dont pay ect and you are unlucky enough to get a ticket you MUST write in if the ticket is just disregarded like some ill informed fools on here might suggest then the parking company in question has a legal right to take lagal action against the registered keeper of the car ect..because the parking company is acting as an agent for the land
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