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  1. Hmmmn. They are the freeholders at the end of the day but there must be some laws/guidance to which they must work with, they cant just be doing what they like. I am not sure if its a good idea to go to the district valuer at this stage.
  2. Hi All, I am in a bit of a pickle at the moment, I felt I was finally able to afford my council flat that I have lived in for over 15 years, I put in my first RTB application March 2015, and a valuation was done for the property, after the valuation came out, I found that I was not able to afford it even after the London discounts so I didn’t take up the offer, fast track November 2016, the same year I made another application and this time around the price of the flat had reduced by £100k as per the new valuation done in November 2016, so I took up the offer, applied for a mortgage and got it approved etc, to my horror council wrote to me last week saying that they have now revised the offer from the council where they have changed all the figures and have now decided to use the first valuation which is 100k more than the second one. I am a little lost now and do now know what to do. I am already out of pocket after spending on solicitors and mortgage brokers. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi All, I am looking for some advice here, my mum works 4 days a week as it is and takes a day off during the week as standard. What she is now requesting is that the particular day that she takes off falls on a fixed day of the week. So for example, she will always take mondays off instead of randomly. This is for family reasons as she has to look after grand children. I have asked her to dig out employment contract etc, whilst that may take some time to find, I was just wondering if there are some low hanging fruit grounds that one can state. she had a letter from the manager saying that she wouldn't be given the fixed day off because of cost reasons and also the fact that a senior member of staff is required etc. The irony of the case is that she already takes a day off between mon-friday as it is, so nothing is changing on that front, just that she now needs to know the specific date for planning reasons. She has had issues with the manager in the past (been running for over 8 years). Although it has never gone as far as HR. There has been some anonymisity in the past between my mum and the manager. I would like to help her draft a letter to appeal the decision, just looking for some grounds to make the case stand. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks everyone should I then just keep quiet for now ?
  5. Hi All, Just a bit of an update,I sent low f&f offers to 1st credit last month, just around 15% of the debt. then they wrote back saying that we should get in touch via telephone despite writing in my offer letters that all communication should be in writing, anyway we ignored them. Now we are getting letters from Cannaught collections saying that unless we can give them a reason not to pay the debt, they will be taking further action and also stating that they are aware that I own assets that they believe will allow for settlements of the debts. All I have is a flat. Any advice on what to do here ?
  6. Thanks BRIGADIER2JCS Just the kind of response I was looking for so that I can make an informed decision. The balances are as follows Loan 1: £6,500 Loan 2: £4,300 Current account: £2,650 The balances are well over £750. As for charging order on property, info have a property which the lender happens to be part of the Halifax family, which I believe lloyds also own. The property hasn't been mentioned at all, but I'm not sure if they know. The total debt is just short of £15k that's with lloyds alone, I have not written to them nor acknowledged any debt in the last 12-18 months. In the past there has been offers of 50% off, just that I couldn't afford it at the time, I think that's when the debt was with nelson or so. I intend to write to them now to offer between 10-15% as F&F incorporating the conditions you mentioned above. I believe I have standard template letters to this effect but they may not have the conditions mentioned above, does anyone have any template I can check. Alternatively I can post a copy of what I intend to send them here. Anyone see any problems with this approach ?
  7. Hi Guys I have just received 3 letters from Lloyds and 1st credit, lloyds saying that they have transferred the debt to 1st credit. 1st credit ave also written saying that they now have control of the debt and that they are not aware of any reason why the debt should not be settled. Now I have a situation where all my debt with lloyds has now been transferred to one DCA, about 50% of my debt is with lloyds, so I'm comfortable writing to them regarding all the 3 debts. I have claimed PPI on all 2 loans and 1 current account. The 2 loans I have requested CCA and we have been going back & forth for the last 4 years, I really want it over and done with tbh. I want to consider some options and want to seek some advice here. 1) Ignore them which is what I have been doing for the last 18 months hoping that if I make no contact for 6 years debt gets written off. 2) make them a F&F offer as I have sme money from family, if I can clinch Lloyds that's about 50-60% of my debt and I feel confident since I can deal with one DCA and can offer F&F of around £3k after owing around £15k. 3) Fob them off and tell the to go get agreement, this will cause another merry go round again, whilst I just want to get my life back. Any ideas guys? Thanks in advance
  8. I filled the FOS questionarrie and sent to barclays, stated health conditions and also the fact that I was told it had to be taken as part of loan, I had employment benefits etc. Yet barclays declined to pay out and upheld their decision, so it looks like I can either go back to them in light of the SAR revelations or go straight to FOS.
  9. Thanks for your reply, now that barclays are telling me to go to fos, I have got the documents from the SAR request, what documents do I need to send to support my case. Already I have a pre-existing medical condition which automatically excludes me, I have a letter from GP stating the treatment start date (way before loan was taken out) Also with the single premium route, should I just state this in the form that I want to send to FOS. I'm thinking of what documents I can send to FOS so as to speed up the process, especially as I have all SAR documents with me.
  10. Hi All, I finally got a response to my SAR from barclays. I have looked through all the documents sent, and now I have attached the document which is the CCA for the loan. Please find attached. [ATTACH]45053[/ATTACH]
  11. I have not sent them a sar, should I send the sar now bearing in mind that I have a limited time that I have to contact FOS by that time.
  12. What should I do next, the helpful people of CAG. Thanks in advance.
  13. The statement doesnt have my signature as part of it, I really cant remember what was/wasnt said to them, but the diabetes condition has been long standing. I seem to recall that during the meeting, it was made as if, should I not take the PPI the loan would be declined, it was alsmost sold like a compulsory package. The issue now is that since they have declined to uphold the case, it would have to go to FOS, or is it worthwhile writing them one final letter ? Many thanks.
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